20 Breakfast Nooks That Could Be Straight Out of a Nancy Meyers Movie

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There’s thing I emotion much than the first fewer moments of nan day. I effort my champion to carve retired quiet clip earlier jumping into activity aliases checking disconnected my morning workout. No matter my schedule though, I ever extremity up astatine my meal nook. In my home, this abstraction is mini (just capable room for a tulip array and 2 chairs correct disconnected my galley kitchen). But nan effect it makes is vast. As I settee into nan spot by nan model pinch my coffee, I ever consciousness a consciousness of gratitude for this comfy corner. Having a designated abstraction for breakfast, reading, journaling, aliases pensive retired nan model is specified a gift. And adding a meal nook to your ain location is not arsenic analyzable arsenic you think. 

Featured image of Brian and Jessie De Lowe’s California farmhouse.

20 Breakfast Nooks to Inspire a Beautiful Morning

These versatile spaces are cleanable for that 1 weird spot successful your location you’re not judge what to do with—and meal nooks travel successful each shapes and sizes. Whether you adhd a array and chairs to a area aliases outfit a wall pinch a plush banquette, nan creation options are endless. You merit to commencement your time successful a beautiful space, and these meal nooks are judge to animate a cozy area of your own. 

Make it Moody

Deep, moody colour palettes are successful this year. Add immoderate play to your meal nook by incorporating darker colors, for illustration designer Katie LeClercq has done here. The civilization wood greenish banquet looks stunning paired pinch nan calacatta marble pedestal table. When moving pinch darker colour palettes, beryllium judge you equilibrium your abstraction pinch lighter colors. The opposition will make your darker colors pop, conscionable for illustration nan banquette does present against nan achromatic walls and cabinets.

Add Some Cheer

We could each usage a burst of power successful nan morning, and it doesn’t person to travel from your caffeinated portion of choice. Designer Amy Atkins outfitted this nook pinch cheery yellowish banquette cushions that instantly make this abstraction sing. Yellow signifies joy, dream and freshness—perfect sentiments for starting your day. A dash of yellowish successful an all-white interior will springiness your abstraction an breathtaking jolt.

Soak successful nan Sun

If your room gets greeting sun, situating your nook by a model is ideal. Bask successful nan AM rays while you sip connected your java and get your regular dose of vitamin D without leaving nan house. 

The exposed ceiling beams successful this room designed by Lane McNab elevate this sun-soaked room and bring moreover much warmth to nan space. Envious of nan look but don’t person ceiling beams successful your home? Decorative beams tin travel successful clutch. These tin beryllium installed purely for artistic reasons, nary architectural usability required. 

Gorgeous successful Green

Want to revive a bland and boring room? Add a vibrant color. This gorgeous greenish meal nook is unforgettable for anyone fortunate capable to beryllium astatine nan table. Don’t beryllium acrophobic to thin successful and spell each retired erstwhile designing a nook of your own. Paint aliases adhd a textured wallpaper successful a superb hue, for illustration nan 1 shown present by Allen & James Home. Stick pinch neutral and elegant furnishings to support your colorful wall nan prima of nan show.

Pack successful nan Charm

Who wouldn’t want to dive into this lukewarm and inviting corner? Embellish your meal nook pinch colors, textures and patterns that bring you joy. Heather Strommen’s nook is bursting pinch charm—from nan gingham cushions and pillows to nan beautiful plates connected nan wall. Want to adhd moreover much delight to your space? Use sentimental items arsenic decor for a heartfelt touch.

Keep It Simple

Let’s beryllium real, neutrals will ne'er spell retired of style. This sunny abstraction is sleek and minimal, and nan oval array is cleanable for some casual breakfasts and general dinners. When designing your ain neutral space, see a assortment of textures to support things interesting. There’s a beautiful equilibrium of lukewarm wood, marble surfaces and soft model shades that make this meal nook designed by Flatiron 27 thing but boring.

Mix and Match Prints

Fun prints adhd a spot of whimsy and a individual consciousness to your space. Sometimes much is more, and Ashi Waliany of Cusp Interiors had a shot pinch cheeky vertebrate wallpaper successful this nook. Instead of opting for a neutral model shade, she kept nan prints going. The subtle reddish vines that adorn nan shadiness necktie successful nan pops of reddish from nan wallpaper, making this abstraction utterly charming.   

When mixing patterns successful your ain space, beryllium judge to see akin colors truthful nan abstraction feels cohesive. Choose patterns pinch different sizes arsenic well—a ample people tin beryllium ascendant while smaller patterns enactment arsenic accents.

Hang Unique Art

Statement pieces battalion a punch, and hanging unsocial creation successful your meal nook adds a touch of characteristic to nan space. The vibrant colors successful this meal nook designed by Emily Winters are beautiful, and nan achromatic accents from nan chairs, ray fixture, and framework equilibrium everything retired nicely.

Make it Work successful Your Space

If you don’t person room for a afloat nook, get creative. This saccharine area makes awesome usage of nan mini abstraction by nan stairwell, proving that nooks don’t ever person to beryllium successful nan mediate of your kitchen.

Take a look astir your room aliases nan abstraction nearby. Is location an quiet area not being utilized? Could you do immoderate rearranging to make room for seating and a mini table? Remember that nooks don’t request a batch of abstraction to beryllium functional and polished.

Take Inspiration From Nature

Some opportunity that Mother Nature is nan champion designer location is, and we person to agree. Adding greenery will respire life into immoderate space, and selecting nature-inspired prints and creation is ever a awesome spot to commencement erstwhile looking for inspiration. Not only did designer Amanda Simmons framework and bent botanical prints, but nan area banquette is patterned pinch vines arsenic well. If you’d for illustration to adhd an instant pick-me-up to your space, dainty yourself to flowers and spot them astatine nan halfway of your table. It ne'er fails.

Think Big

Breakfast nooks are often cozy and quaint, but that doesn’t mean they each person to be. If you person a ample family aliases emotion hosting brunch, deliberation big. This sizable meal nook by Tami Ramsay and Krista Nye Nicholas is chic, stylish, and fresh for a crowd. Oval tables are cleanable for seating six, but don’t consciousness for illustration you request to instrumentality pinch information edges for your nook. A classical rectangle eating array would activity conscionable arsenic good and tin spot many.

Make your meal nook your ain individual creation assemblage by hanging framed creation and prints. The stunning creation successful this assemblage wall designed by Jackson Warren is really framed needlepoint. Make your assemblage wall other typical by including not only art, but photos and individual mementos arsenic well. For a cohesive and balanced look, necktie everything together by choosing propulsion pillows pinch akin colors recovered successful your art.

Breakfast With a View

While it’s a no-brainer to situate your nook by a window, it makes moreover much consciousness if it comes pinch a view. This meal nook, designed by Emily Moss, gets gorgeous sunset views connected Anna Maria Island. If your location comes pinch a view, observe it by situating your seating adjacent a window. Make it arsenic inviting arsenic you tin pinch plentifulness of pillows and throws, letting your guests get comfy and return it each in.

Add Something Unexpected 

Over time, it tin beryllium easy to get saturated pinch your space. This makes consciousness if you’ve lived successful nan aforesaid spot for a fewer years, but it’s thing a small productivity (and paint!) can’t fix. This elemental meal nook needed thing extra, and adding greenish chairs is nan cleanable popular of whimsy and excitement. If you person aged woody chairs, see giving them caller life by coating them an unexpected hue.

Let nan Lighting Shine

A salient lighting fixture supra your meal nook tin make a awesome focal point. This ray bluish conical pendant is gorgeous, and ties successful beautifully pinch nan cushions connected nan rattan chairs. Pro tip: Linear pendants are cleanable for rectangular eating tables and constrictive spaces, while chandeliers and information pendants are amended for smaller spaces and quadrate tables.

Keep It Classic

For a timeless look, effort a black and achromatic colour palette. This striking setup designed by SuzAnn Kletzein displays gorgeous achromatic and achromatic plates connected nan wall, arsenic good arsenic achromatic chairs and achromatic and achromatic pillows. You can’t spell incorrect pinch golden accents successful a achromatic and achromatic space, truthful opt for a golden lighting fixtures aliases a array pinch golden detailing as Kletzein has done here.

Incorporate Storage

You tin ne'er person capable storage and utilizing each inch of your location is key, particularly if you unrecorded successful a mini space. Take advantage of banquettes built pinch drawers for optimal room organization. Store thing from other crockery towels, napkins, aliases seasonal room items. You could moreover usage nan abstraction for committee games, homework supplies, aliases coloring books if your room nook is nan spot for family game night aliases aft schoolhouse activities.

Coordinate Your Accents

Styling a room is very akin to piecing together an outfit. Keeping your accessories nan aforesaid shade, (think a achromatic tee and jeans pinch achromatic sunnies and a achromatic bag) will ever look sleek and sharp. The aforesaid goes for a room. The achromatic accents successful this meal nook designed by Brittny Smith, down to nan mugs and plates, make this area subtly uniform. Try keeping your accents each nan aforesaid shadiness for illustration nan achromatic model trim, achromatic pendant light, and achromatic furniture pulls shown here.

Cozy Up

The room is nan bosom of nan home, and wherever we dine should consciousness conscionable arsenic welcoming and warm. If you’re aiming for casual meals successful this spot, a laidback vibe is essential. Make your meal nook arsenic cozy arsenic imaginable by adding cushy pillows, soft cushions, and plentifulness of comfortable seating. Take statement of nan generously sized pillows successful Vision and Hammer’s agleam and relaxed meal nook—they knew what they were doing erstwhile it came to inviting corners.

Make a Statement With Wallpaper

Wallpaper is specified a nosy measurement to infuse your style and characteristic into a room. Color and shape group nan mood, truthful determine connected really you’d for illustration your meal nook and prime your insubstantial accordingly. The soft bluish wallpaper gives this meal nook a calm and relaxed vibe—the cleanable ambience for starting your day. 

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