21 Work-From-Home Wardrobe Essentials You’ll Wear on Repeat

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The twelvemonth is 2020. You haven’t showered successful +/- 3 days. You’re wearing nan aforesaid sweatpants you slept in. That apical knot is still holding beardown and nan Amazon boxes afloat of cozy socks, craft kits, and elderberry gummies are collecting connected your doorstep. You provender your sourdough starter, eat a portion of banana bread, and hop connected Zoom for your greeting meetings.

Perhaps that paragraph should person travel pinch a trigger warning. But isn’t it awesome to cognize really acold we’ve come?! We went HARD pinch nan sweats and swung nan pendulum complete to donning black-tie gowns successful market stores conscionable to feel something. Then, we recovered a caller work-from-home hit arsenic galore of america stayed distant aliases hybrid. Now successful nan twelvemonth 2024, we deterioration sweatpants erstwhile we want to, thankyouverymuch. And for nan astir part, we get dressed. Still, nary matter which measurement we get nan occupation done, we each look nan aforesaid mobility each morning. What americium I going to wear?

Woman moving astatine table successful comfortable activity from location clothes.

I tin thief you pinch that. I’ve worked afloat from location for five-plus years earlier moving to nan hybrid exemplary 2 years ago. As a “professional” WFH-er I’ve collected a fewer rules and standards for work-from-home clothes. Let’s review.

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The Rules of Work-From-Home Clothes

  1. No Hard Pants. There must beryllium room for easy activity and truthful this COVID-era norm remains. Urban Dictionary defines difficult pants to perfection: “Pants that don’t person a stretchy, elastic waistband. During immoderate pandemic, nan desire to deterioration only elastic waistband pants alternatively of pants for illustration jeans. During nan pandemic, Victoria refused to deterioration difficult pants.“
  2. Wear Easy Layers. The thermostat does not attraction that you group it to nan aforesaid somesthesia each azygous day. It will ever beryllium colder successful 1 room and warmer successful nan next. Layers are cardinal for comfort.
  3. Clothes Must Be Versatile. Your apparel request to return you seamlessly from Zooms to java dates to errands to lunches. From sitting to opinionated and sitting again. A coagulated postulation of basics mixed pinch nosy items makes for a closet afloat of options.
  4. Opt For Casual Yet Professional. This 1 should beryllium beautiful obvious—no request to deterioration a brace of heels down nan hallway to your location office—but we tin besides effort a smidge harder than three-day-old pants.
  5. Clothes Should Make You Feel Like You. It’s astatine nan bottommost of this database but see it norm number one.

Work-From-Home Clothes IRL

Everlane trousers activity from location outfit

I person a fewer essentials that I’ll recommend, each of which cheque disconnected each nan rules. I still LOVE my nap dress, for example, and I’m obsessed pinch these tailored pants. But location is simply a particular brace of pants I spot connected conscionable astir each WFH outfit database that I had to spell effort for myself.

I went to nan shop to effort them connected and… yeah. They were not arsenic dreamy (pun intended) connected my peculiar assemblage arsenic I hoped they’d be. However, I did observe these incredibly comfortable and versatile trousers (above!) that I instantly loved. They only had petite successful nan shop truthful I’m readying connected ordering nan 32″ inseams, but I besides don’t wholly mind nan shorter length. (I’m 5’8″ for reference.)

Work-From-Home and Office Capsule Collection

Behold nan eventual postulation of work-from-home apparel for nan modern gal. I gathered my individual favorites alongside immoderate mundane essentials, past polled my very fashionable and astonishing colleagues via Slack to stock immoderate pieces they committedness by. I’d first promote you to shop your ain closet for items successful these peculiar categories and past determine what’s missing. (P.S. Don’t slumber connected a reddish powerfulness dress. In a oversea of neutrals sometimes you request to opt for thing fiery and strong!)

Check retired nan full postulation beneath and scroll connected for 3 awesome outfits to get you started.

Every merchandise is curated pinch attraction by our editors and we’ll ever springiness an honorable opinion, whether talented aliases purchased ourselves. If you bargain thing done our links, we whitethorn gain a mini committee astatine nary costs to you.

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