And Now, the Best Living Room Decor Ideas for 2024

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Lifestyle news - In astir homes, nan living room is location guidelines for each things cozy, comfy, and welcoming. Whether you’re coiled up pinch a good book, enjoying a movie pinch family, aliases gathering pinch friends for a solid of wine, nan surviving room is nan cleanable spot to definitive your individual interior creation style. But sometimes it’s clip to operation things up, and erstwhile nan clip comes we’re often searching for inspiration and guidance. Which is why, pinch nan turning of nan caller year, we tapped designers to stock immoderate of nan astir celebrated surviving room decor ideas for 2024.

Whether you’re looking to make a fewer small tweaks present and location aliases want to revamp nan full thing, our experts Lauren Sullivan of Well x Design, Laura Williams of ATX Interior Design, and Lauren Williamson of Cedar & Oak shared nan surviving room decor ideas they’re excited to spot travel to fruition successful 2024. If you’re fresh to toggle shape your surviving room and refresh your abstraction successful nan caller year—read on.

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The Best Living Room Decor Ideas for 2024

2024’s biggest trends are a stark opposition from nan minimalist designs we saw successful 2023. Our designers’ observations and my ain inclination investigation make it clear that this twelvemonth is each astir establishing a mood when incorporating accent colors and signature pieces. While immoderate of nan erstwhile year’s trends, specified arsenic curved edges, are present to stay, newer aesthetics for illustration acheronian colors and cool metallic tones person precocious entered nan creation sphere successful a subtle yet show-stopping way.

Why make a change? Think of your surviving room arsenic a sanctuary for comfortableness and inspiration. It’s a spot wherever nan champion ideas make their quality successful a less-intimate situation than nan bedroom. Living room decor speaks to stylistic choices made from a spot of comfortableness that simultaneously reflects nan power you’re drawn to aftermath up to each morning. With this successful mind, we emotion incorporating caller trends into your lived-in abstraction without wholly overhauling nan vibes.

The thought of re-vamping a frequented abstraction is ever appealing, yet our designers statement that incorporating nan surviving room decor ideas for 2024 tin beryllium done pinch a fewer subtle shifts. However you’re looking to move up your abstraction successful nan twelvemonth to come, there’s bound to beryllium a inclination for you.

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Deep, Moody, and Dramatic

Williamson says we tin expect nan “resurgence of moody, modern styles in 2024.” This, she notes, includes deeper, much melodramatic colors successful our spaces. If it’s clip to reside down nan brightness successful your surviving room decor, but don’t consciousness inspired for a complete demo, effort incorporating immoderate opinionated ray fixtures aliases acheronian woody accent furnishings that complement lighter walls.

Williamson is incorporating melodramatic marbles and dense textures to beryllium “mixed with vintage pieces and earthy materials to effortlessly blend timeless selections with what is making a comeback.”

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Layered and Curved Seating

“Curved seating doesn’t look to beryllium going anyplace anytime soon—whether a curved sofa, a chair pinch a rounded back, aliases an ottoman pinch softly-shaped bun feet,” says Sullivan. Williamson notes that layered seating has besides emerged arsenic a surviving room buzzword, nan extremity being added comfortableness and entreaty to nan space.

“We’re looking specifically for a scope of high-back chairs, medium-back couches, and low ottomans, adding liking to your eye, arsenic good arsenic offering plentifulness of places to sit.”

Modern surviving room decor ideas.

The moodiness of 2024 decor doesn’t ever travel from colour alone. Sullivan notes that cool metals whitethorn look arsenic a frontrunner to complement nan Art Deco aesthetic. She adds, “Art Deco interiors are having a infinitesimal arsenic good arsenic cooler metals. I deliberation we’ll proceed to spot these elements making their measurement into surviving spaces by measurement of paneled walls, stainless alloy materials, and moody lighting.”

Vintage Pieces pinch Modern Lines

“Out pinch nan aged and successful pinch nan new” isn’t precisely this year’s vibe erstwhile it comes to surviving room decor. Williams says that we tin expect a pairing of aged and caller successful this year’s astir celebrated creation trends. “Combining nan usage of vintage pieces pinch modern lines has go much and much prevalent precocious and I foresee 2024 being afloat of surviving rooms mixing nan aged pinch nan new.”

Anticipate accent pieces, specified arsenic mirrors, chairs, and lamp fixtures, complemented by much modern furnishings and styles.

Joshua Tree bedroom.

Mix & Match Textiles

Colors and patterns are 2 of nan astir salient surviving room creation elements we whitethorn spot displacement successful 2024. “Mixing and matching patterns and colors wrong different textiles is simply a immense inclination correct now. For instance, a broad pinch checkered print, a rug pinch stripes & woven Roman shades. It adds ocular liking to nan abstraction and gives an at-home feeling,” says Sullivan.

Williamson supports this, adding that layering besides flows into textiles wrong nan room, for illustration curtains, propulsion pillows, and rugs. Try incorporating this assortment by switching up your colors from monochromatic to complementary.

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All nan Wood Tones

Sullivan says that wood-inspired specifications whitethorn beryllium nan alteration your surviving room needs successful 2024. “I deliberation we’re going to spot a batch of mid-to-darker wood tones this year. Think accent chairs and java tables successful darker tones—and mixing wood tones successful general.” Williamson besides notes that heavy wood stains are highly sought-after successful pursuit of a much moody and cool-toned space.

Bright, achromatic surviving room decor ideas.

A Variety of Texture

“In general, color/pattern are besides opinionated retired not only successful decor but connected the construction side of things arsenic well! We’re looking at incorporating wallpapers, reassessing our furniture finishes—think glossy vs. matte we’ve seen nan past fistful of years—and colored aliases patterned tile, arsenic good arsenic textured wall finishes for illustration Venetian Plaster,” says Williamson.

While these large textural changes are bound to change your surviving room space, smaller changes for illustration incorporating woven rugs aliases propulsion pillows whitethorn beryllium a simpler addition.

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