How to Improve Your Grip Strength & Wrist Mobility: The 6 Best Exercises

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Improve your grip spot and wrist mobility pinch barbells

Do you find your grip a limiting facet successful nan gym (I spot you chin-ups and deadlifts)?

Or successful mundane life (looking astatine you, pickle jars)?

If so, don’t worry! We’ve sewage a grip connected this (pun 100% intended).

As nan lead trainer of our 1-on-1 Online Coaching Program, I’m going to outline a number of helpful, useful (sigh) stretches and exercises to thief destruct symptom and build you immoderate powerful, useful hands and a beardown grip.

Now, it goes without saying that nan hands and forearms are anatomically analyzable areas.

I am also not your mother, aliases your doctor. If thing successful nan article beneath causes pain, aliases your symptom is not alleviated by these stretches – telephone successful nan pros!

See a beingness therapist aliases sports massage practitioner.

Why Grip Strength And WRist Mobility Is So Important: Basic Holds.

Grip spot is important for exercises for illustration nan deadlift

We usage our hands for EVERYTHING. 

Whether it’s mundane tasks for illustration carrying groceries, opening jars, and lifting suitcases, aliases gym-related activities for illustration chin-ups, rows, and deadlifts.

Of course, you astir apt besides type astatine your machine for hours – pinch resulting aches and pains astatine nan extremity of nan workday.

Guess what?

Stretching retired nan hands and building up a beardown grip tin thief successful each of those areas.

A beardown grip has moreover been correlated to lower mortality rates – and you tin besides ideate nan usefulness of a stronger grip for aging individuals if they hap to slip.

Our constituent is that it’s ever amended to person a stronger grip!

This is simply a favourite area of expertise for me. I’ve worked my grip for years and years, and person moreover won immoderate grip competitions:

Jim won nan section grip spot competition

In fact, I’m presently typing this one-handed while squeezing ember into diamonds pinch my different hand.

Not really, but I committedness my grip spot is supra average.


The hands are complex, and training them tin look conscionable arsenic complicated.

We’ll simplify matters a spot and you tin categorize nan grip exercises into nan pursuing wide types:


You tin amended your grip spot pinch captains of crush grip crushers

This is what you astir apt deliberation of erstwhile you deliberation of a “strong grip”. This is nan full manus closing successful astir something. A beardown handshake. None of that dead-fish handshake stuff!


Try nan pinching activity to amended grip strength

Think of making an alligator rima pinch your hands, and chomping down. In this grip, location tends to beryllium a batch much work/stress connected nan thumb. This is important to work, arsenic nan thumb is simply a captious portion of a beardown grip!


Can you bent from a bar? You tin train this to amended grip strength

This is akin to crush, but alternatively than nan expertise to close, this type of grip tests nan expertise to hold.


You tin do manus extensions to equilibrium your grip training

Every action has an other reaction, right? This type of grip activity is each astir strengthening nan opposing muscles. We were built to drawback and clasp onto things, truthful these muscles will not beryllium arsenic strong.


Someone doing wrist mobility exercises pinch pvc pipe.

Taken from torokhtiy.

Wrist activity and wrist stableness are nan attraction here. In bid to beryllium capable to transportation power from nan assemblage done nan hands (for opening those pickle jars) we request to make judge each nexus successful nan concatenation is strong.


When putting together a grip regular of your own, it’s a bully thought to rhythm done these different types of grips complete nan people of nan week, successful bid to activity different muscles and different angles.

If you person to prime conscionable a few, I’d put my money connected stretches, crushing, and hold to get your hands beardown and support them healthy!

Before we spell further, I want to mention that if you’re improving your grip arsenic portion of a spot training practice, you’ve travel to nan correct place!

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How to Improve Your Grip Strength and Mobility Quickly.

Here are nan champion exercises you tin do to fortify your grip quickly:

  1. Dumbbell caput grab: Put a dumbbell connected its extremity and prime it up by nan head. Could thing replicate a pickle jar more? Be observant pinch this workout if nan dumbbell is excessively big, arsenic nan thumb tin easy beryllium strained if it’s stretched excessively far. Hold for clip (~30 seconds) aliases spell for heavier weight.
  2. Farmer’s walks: Grab a brace of dense dumbbells (heavy for you) and locomotion around! Don’t person abstraction to walk? Just guidelines there! 30 seconds minimum!
  3. Plate curls: A wrist strengthener that useful nan biceps too! Anything past 25 lbs becomes insanely hard. ~10 repetitions. Watch nan face!!
  4. Plate pinches: If you’ve sewage a brace of soft metallic plates, you tin sandwich them together pinch nan soft broadside out. You tin besides usage heavy bumper plates. Pick them up pinch 1 aliases 2 hands and clasp for clip (~30 seconds) aliases spell for heavier weight. World people grip athletes tin prime up a brace of 45 lb plates pinch 1 hand!
  5. Barbell digit rolls: How to activity nan crushing grip without grippers. You tin usage an quiet barroom aliases load up immoderate weight. Get nan barroom to your fingertips, past compression and crush! ~10 repetitions.
  6. Towel chin-ups: Regular chin-ups excessively easy? Throw a brace of gym towels complete nan barroom and situation that grip. A awesome workout to hole for statement climbing!

Next, let’s talk astir immoderate stretches and exercises to execute astatine nan gym.


The only summation I person to your stretching regular that tin beryllium done astatine nan gym is banded wrist stretches. The summation of nan set tin thief unfastened up your wrist associated a spot more. The set should beryllium pulling successful nan other guidance of nan agelong (fingers look 1 way, set pulls nan different way).

10-15 repetitions.

you tin do banded wrist stretches to amended wrist mobility


While we urge picking up immoderate grippers arsenic specialized grip equipment, location are TONS of options to activity nan grip astatine nan gym pinch existing equipment! This is surely not an exhaustive list, but should springiness you plentifulness of ideas.

The 1 informing I springiness for immoderate of these exercises is WATCH YOUR TOES. The grip tin springiness retired accelerated and unexpectedly, truthful we don’t want to crush immoderate small piggies!

This database is surely not exhaustive, but it’ll get you started!

Other Easy-Grip Exercises to Integrate:

  • Bar hang: Simply hanging from nan barroom aliases gymnastic rings will build up your grip strength! If you can’t bent freely, put your feet connected nan crushed for an assist. Couldn’t beryllium simpler! Work up to 1 infinitesimal aliases more!
  • Wrist curls/Reverse wrist curls: What galore whitethorn deliberation of erstwhile they deliberation of “grip strength” exercises. Not bad for immoderate wrist strength. ~10 repetitions. Pictured – Left: Wrist curls, Right: Reverse wrist curls.

do wrist curls and reverse curls for mobility

  • Barbell levering: We’re getting into crazy municipality pinch this one. An unbelievable wrist workout that is not for nan beginner. Grab nan barroom pinch 1 hand, off-center, and assistance it to parallel. You tin assistance to nan beforehand and nan back. I would besides urge utilizing a 15 lb/5 kg bar, aliases 1 of those lighter “bodypump” bars for this. The leverage is crazy! This tin besides beryllium done astatine a faster gait with PVC pipe.

Do barbell levering to amended grip spot and mobility

Things tin get really crazy erstwhile you commencement combining exercises…Plate pinch farmer’s walks pinch bumper plates, anyone?

…and speaking of NF Coaching, if you’re worried that your grip spot is holding backmost your training, we tin help!

Our certified coaches tin do an assessment, creation a programme to summation your grip and wide strength, and supply support and accountability. It’s benignant of for illustration having a coach successful your pouch (not virtually – via an app).

Plus, our coaching app lets you grounds and nonstop a video of your activity straight to your coach, truthful you tin return comfortableness knowing you’re training correctly:

How To Improve Grip Strength and Mobility At The Office.

Alright, you’re fresh to jump into grip spot training!

I’ve outlined a number of stretches and exercises for you to do, nary matter wherever you are and what instrumentality you have. Skim complete and spot what you tin adhd to your regular operation aliases gym training!


You mightiness beryllium reference this while sitting astatine your machine correct now.

We put a LOT of accent connected our hands and wrists complete nan people of a day, truthful return nan clip to return attraction of these difficult workers!

Below is simply a speedy and soiled agelong routine, conscionable 3 moves. This is bully for a warm-up aliases conscionable for wide manus health. We walk a batch of nan time astatine our machine pinch our elbows bent and our hands successful a pronated position (palms turned down), truthful stretches pinch our elbows extended and hands supinated (palms turned up) is simply a bully idea.

The stretches from nan video:

  • Fingers back, palms connected desk: You tin agelong consecutive backwards, aliases stone mildly near to right. 10-15 repetitions.
  • Finger back, palms lifted disconnected desk: You tin assistance nan palms and get a spot much agelong done nan fingers and first knuckle. Again, agelong consecutive backwards, aliases stone mildly near to right. 10-15 repetitions.
  • Fists together, backmost of hands connected desk: Make 2 fists, pinch nan thumbs connected nan extracurricular of your fingers. Bend your elbows and put nan knuckles together for illustration 2 cogs successful a machine. Bend your elbows and put nan backmost of your hands afloat connected nan desk. Keep your fists together (this will beryllium tough) and fists tightly closed (this will besides beryllium tough) arsenic you crook and flex your elbows. 10-15 repetitions.

Give it a shot, I stake your hands consciousness noticeably different (and better) afterward.

If you person further time, nan first 2 stretches tin besides beryllium done pinch your fingers forward!

You tin besides agelong nan thumbs retired connected nan desk. Moving into and retired of nan agelong shown below. You whitethorn beryllium amazed really bully this feels if you’ve ne'er done it before. Again, 10-15 repetitions.

Do thumb stretches to amended manus health

A last stretch, if you person nan clip betwixt updating Excel and checking Facebook for nan 100th clip (I kid, I kid), is stretching your wrists successful nan guidance of your thumb.

If you deliberation astir really your hands are often oriented connected your keyboard, you’ll spot that they are often bent toward your pinky.

Avoid keyboard wrists by practicing grip spot and wrist mobility!

So let’s agelong them successful nan other way! Make for illustration you’re astir to karate chop personification pinch 1 hand. With nan different hand, drawback nan chopping manus and propulsion it sideways successful nan guidance of your thumb.

Do nan ulnar agelong to amended manus health

Going mildly into and retired of this agelong for 10-15 repetitions. It whitethorn not consciousness arsenic aggravated arsenic nan erstwhile stretches, but it will still help.

This is surely not an exhaustive database of manus and wrist stretches, but it should springiness you plentifulness to activity with!


Do you cognize there’s already an fantabulous portion of grip-strengthening instrumentality coming successful galore offices? What is that?

The rubber band!

Snag 1 disconnected that rubber set shot successful your table and do these elemental rubber set extensions:

Do rubber set extensions for manus health

If 1 set gets excessively easy, put 2 aliases much on! This is simply a ace easy workout to do while you’re connected a telephone telephone aliases that convention telephone (that you’re not paying attraction to anyway) that gets nan humor moving done nan hands and helps equilibrium retired your vice-grip-like hands.

Another grip workout that tin easy beryllium done astatine your table is closing grippers. Now, this does require an finance (~$20/gripper), but you’ll find that these grippers past FOREVER (I still usage immoderate grippers that are complete a decade and a half old!)

You tin amended your grip spot pinch captains of crush grip crushers

I would personally urge Ironmind’s “Captains of Crush” grippers.

They are built to past and beryllium strong.

Consider nan pursuing erstwhile making your gripper purchase:

  • If you are conscionable starting retired pinch your grip, I would look astatine nan Guide and/or nan Sport (60lb and 80lb respectively).
  • If you person a spot of strength, nan Sport and/or nan Trainer is nan measurement to spell (80lb and 100lb).

If you tin adjacent nan Guide, you’ve sewage a beautiful coagulated grip. If you tin adjacent nan Sport, you person measurement above-average grip strength, successful my experience.

A nosy prize pinch these grippers astatine your table is that EVERYONE who sees them will effort and prime them up and adjacent them. Great measurement to commencement a speech pinch your coworkers!

You whitethorn beryllium thinking, “Eh, I’ve already sewage a gripper I bought from nan store”. I’ll show you that nan spot successful that gripper is astir apt minuscule compared to Ironmind’s. Time to upgrade!

You whitethorn besides beryllium thinking, “Eh, I’ve sewage a tennis ball/stress shot that I tin support by my table and crush”. Both of those mightiness beryllium amended than nothing, but not by much. The grippers will let smoother activity and quantifiable progress. Did I mention they’re conscionable $20 a pop?

“Jim, I can’t wait. I want to activity my grip NOW.” Ok, ok, drawback nan biggest, heaviest book successful nan agency you have. Grab it successful that pinch grip position (fingers connected 1 side, thumb connected nan other). This whitethorn beryllium easy, if so, past “walk nan book” successful your manus by moving your fingers up and down nan spine while you clasp it successful mid-air. Do this for respective trips. Tough!

Do nan book locomotion for manus wellness and grip training

How to Improve Your Grip Strength and Wrist Mobility At Home.

If you activity retired astatine home, location are still a fewer things you tin do.

  • Bar hang: A home chin-up bar is 1 of nan astir useful pieces of instrumentality to have. Just for illustration nan gym version, you tin put your feet connected nan crushed to assist. Work up to 1 minute!
  • Grocery container farmer’s walks: What’s amended than taking only 1 travel to bring your groceries inside? Absolutely nothing. You tin usage those tough, reusable bags and load them up pinch anything. Stand successful spot aliases locomotion astir nan neighborhood.

Never make 2 trips carrying groceries again acknowledgment to grip training

  • Sledgehammer/Barbell/heavy barroom levering: As pinch nan barbell levering astatine nan gym, this is simply a reliable workout and should beryllium approached slowly. Grab person to nan sledgehammer caput to make it easy, farther to make it tough.

You tin do levering pinch a sledgehammer and you're beardown arsenic hell

Get Started With Rings And Handstands, Level Up Your Grip!

No (wo)man is an island, and nary workout exists successful complete isolation. These grip exercises are a blast, but we dream you tin besides usage them to thief fortify a deadlift, aliases activity toward your first chin-up.

There are besides various bodyweight exercises that will thief fortify your precocious assemblage AND build your grip spot astatine nan aforesaid time.


For example, present is simply a video from our rings people successful Nerd Fitness Prime connected doing a false-grip bent – and past doing scapular retractions. This is simply a slayer grip spot exercise:

The mendacious grip is an incredibly challenging grip variety that 1 must study to build up to a muscle-up (a pull-up that transitions into a dip). Just for illustration before, you tin put your feet connected nan crushed to assistance this exercise.


Here’s a video of an workout that builds up grip and wrist strength, pulled from Nerd Fitness Prime (which contains a people connected doing handstands):

A staple of yoga classes everywhere, though we’ll beryllium focusing connected it for a different logic than a yogi might. We’re utilizing this workout arsenic a foundational workout to build up into nan handstand. You won’t judge really overmuch grip spot is progressive successful nan crow airs until you are digging your fingers into nan ground!

A Strong Grip Is Always Helpful!

It’s been said, “There’s ne'er been a beardown man (or woman) pinch anemic hands.”

We’d person to work together wholeheartedly. There is ne'er going to beryllium a constituent successful life wherever you opportunity “Boy, my grip was excessively strong!”.

You mightiness person immoderate questions astir really to operation these exercises successful pinch your normal routine, aliases really you tin usage these things to amended your lifts safely and without injury. Or possibly each of nan supra conscionable overwhelmed nan heck retired of you and you’re trying to make consciousness of it all.

If that sounds for illustration you, you’re successful nan correct place.

I’m nan lead trainer of nan 1-on-1 NF Coaching Program, wherever we thief busy, normal group for illustration yourself build muscle, suffer weight, and level up their lives!.

You tin study much astir our coaching programme by clicking connected nan image beneath and scheduling a telephone pinch america to spot if we’re a bully fit!

You person a brace of incredibly useful devices astatine arm’s length, mightiness arsenic good make nan astir of them!

We dream you now person a grip connected things (have to bring it backmost afloat circle). Go retired and get a grip!

Leave immoderate questions you person connected grip spot aliases wrist mobility beneath successful nan comments.


PS: What should you do aft you amended your grip and wrist strength? Get started connected doing muscle-ups and downward dogs, which you tin study each from our caller app!

Try it for free correct here:


Photo Source: Reece & Emma Meins Chalky barroom grip

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