The (Best) 20-Min Leg Day Workout for Home

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One of nan biggest questions we get from everyone is “How do I activity my legs astatine home?”

After all, challenging nan legs pinch barbells, dumbbells, and machines astatine nan gym is easy. We tin conscionable proceed to adhd weight to our exercises until our legs look for illustration character trunks. But if we want to build spot but we’re incapable to get to nan gym, don’t person a gym membership, aliases are walking – past what do we do?


Our 20-minute regular tin beryllium scaled for personification conscionable getting started (beginner), aliases personification looking to get their legs blasted (advanced).

Here’s what we’ll screen today:

Let’s hop to it!

Mario Jumping and grabbing coins.

Jumping would besides beryllium a awesome limb workout!

The 20-minute Nerd Fitness Leg Day Workout

To get started pinch our Leg Day Workout, lukewarm up pinch 1-2 minutes of limb swings and marching successful place. 

Continue nan warm-up pinch 1-2 sets of nan first workout astatine an easier variety (or little weight/reps) past move connected to your activity sets. For nan remaining exercises, execute 1-2 further warm-up sets astatine nan start, if needed. (A spot much connected nan warm-up later!)

Alternate betwixt Workout A and Workout B connected non-consecutive days to decently recover. Meaning, springiness yourself a “rest day” earlier doing a limb workout again.

If you’re caller to dedicated limb days (or conscionable getting backmost into things), past take nan little extremity of nan prescribed sets and reps, while picking easier variations. If you’re a seasoned pro, past commencement expanding nan number of sets aliases reps you do each workout, while pushing for harder and harder variations. 

Rest 1-2 minutes betwixt sets (or longer, if needed).

Now, let’s springiness you immoderate specifics.


Phase 1

Warm up for a fewer minutes.

Phase 2

Do 2 to 4 sets of nan following:

  • Squat Variation: 5-8 reps
  • Deadlift Variation: 8-12 reps

Phase 3

Do 2 to 3 sets of nan following:

  • Lunge Variation: 5-8 per side
  • Calf Raise Variation: 8-12 reps


Phase 1

Warm up for a fewer minutes.

Phase 2 

Do 2 to 4 sets of nan following:

  • Deadlift Variation: 5-8 reps
  • Squat Variation: 8-12 reps

Phase 3 

Do 2 to 3 sets of nan following:

  • Step-up Variation: 5-8/side
  • Shin Raise Variation: 8-12 reps

There are a batch of variations you tin take from for these exercises, truthful let’s break these down for you.

Real quick, earlier we do, I’d for illustration to item that crafting effective routines, overmuch for illustration nan 1 above, is simply a important facet of NF Coaching. Our squad of coaches understands nan hustle, truthful we tailor speedy workouts that optimize disposable resources—be it equipment, time, aliases energy.

And that’s not all! A coach tin besides thief pinch your nutrition and accent management, 2 captious components of nan fittingness adventure.

In fact, there’s a full batch much to explore. If you’re intrigued, return a person look astatine our online one-on-one programme here:

The 6 Best Leg Day Exercises for Home

Let’s spell complete immoderate categories of limb time exercises that you tin do astatine home, positive immoderate variations you tin take to get started with.

#1) Squat Variations:

No limb workout would beryllium complete without nan squat. 

It uses each nan muscles of nan little assemblage successful a very earthy shape – ever spot a babe squat?

However, arsenic we property and adopt unnatural sitting postures, our squat shape tends to suffer. 

So let’s activity to get backmost to basics, baby! 

Squat variations to take from:

1) Assisted Squats 

Coach Staci showing you nan an assisted bodyweight squat

Working up to an unassisted squat successful your workout, aliases conscionable request a bully action for your warm-up? Enter nan assisted squat! Hold onto thing safe and unchangeable (a countertop, a chair, nan wall) to put immoderate of nan activity disconnected your legs and into your arms.

2) Bodyweight Squat

In nan video above, we screen 5 communal mistakes folks often make erstwhile performing a squat.

Give it a watch truthful you don’t make them too!

3) Pause Squat

Is nan regular squat emotion excessively easy? Pause for a mates of seconds astatine nan bottom. This will activity nan muscles a spot much arsenic good arsenic thief amended your mobility for nan exercise.

4) Goblet Squat

The goblet squat is simply a awesome measurement to build musculus for women.

Have you go a maestro of nan bodyweight squat? Then adhd immoderate weight to it! Hold a weight pinch 2 hands successful beforehand of your chest, for illustration a large goblet that you don’t want to spill. This intends keeping nan thorax and weight up!

If you don’t person a dumbbell, past this is nan cleanable clip to clasp a suitcase aliases backpack up for improvised weight arsenic we picture here.

5) Banded Squat

A guidance set is simply a awesome measurement to summation nan trouble of squats.

Weighted squats are great, until you person to travel! For a overmuch lighter, but still powerful option, clasp a set successful your hands and guidelines connected it. If your set is simply a continuous loop, you tin besides guidelines connected it and drape nan set complete nan beforehand of your shoulders while crossing and lifting nan arms up.

6) Jumping Squat

Coach Staci showing you really to execute nan jumping squat

No weights? No bands? No problem! Add immoderate detonation to nan activity and jump disconnected nan crushed for each rep. You don’t person to jump entity high, aliases honestly moreover time off nan ground. Even conscionable a flimsy weight simplification should beryllium much challenging than a regular bodyweight squat.

7) One-Legged Squat (do 5-8 per side)

The 1 legged "pistol" squat is simply a awesome precocious bodyweight movement.

Ready for nan eventual challenge? Build up capable spot to do a squat pinch conscionable 1 leg!

This is an astonishing variety erstwhile you find yourself pinch nary gym and nary equipment. Just for illustration nan regular bodyweight squat, you tin activity this assisted first by holding onto a chair aliases doorframe. 

We screen a batch of nan finer points successful our YouTube video – getting your first one-legged squat:

For much deets connected really to squat decently successful general, cheque retired The Nerd’s Guide to nan Perfect Squat

#2) Deadlift Variations

Why deadlifts?

Well, not only will a deadlift situation our legs. But really, it’s an EVERYTHING exercise, arsenic we prosecute each musculus successful our assemblage passim nan movement:

  • Posterior concatenation and legs? They’re nan powerhouse, moving for illustration a lever to hoist that weight up.
  • Back and core? Engaged passim nan activity arsenic we support our full assemblage tight and steady.
  • Shoulders and traps? They’re moving difficult to support nan weight unafraid arsenic we lift.

So immoderate coagulated limb time workout should purpose to see deadlifts successful it.

Deadlift variations to take from:

1) Bodyweight Deadlift (Good Morning)

Coach Staci and Coach Jim, demonstrating a bodyweight bully morning, by hinging down from nan hips, past backmost up.

While we’re not “lifting” thing successful this variation, it’s still nan aforesaid activity of hinging astatine nan hips and leaning forward. You tin support your hands successful beforehand of you holding imaginary weights, aliases placed up down your caput for an workout that is often called nan “good morning”.

2) Weighted Deadlift

I committedness you, learning really to deadlift will alteration your life.

We tin prime up dumbbells, kettlebells, aliases barbells. At home, we mightiness beryllium picking up luggage, backpacks, aliases sandbags. In immoderate of these examples, nan shape remains nan same! Push your hips backmost and thin forward, for illustration you did for nan bully morning.

Once you’ve leaned guardant a bit, past crook your knees somewhat to beryllium capable to scope your weight. Grab beardown and guidelines up tall. Put nan weight backmost down by reversing nan process. Hips back, thin forward, and crook nan knees slightly.

3) Banded Deadlift

You really tin deadlift pinch each sorts of objects and guidance set deadlifts are a awesome exercise.

No weights? Again, nary problems. You tin guidelines connected a set and activity nan deadlift.

If you person a close-looped band, different action is to loop nan set astir 1 foot, past nether nan 2nd foot, and past backmost astir nan first foot. This will springiness you a cat’s cradle of bands betwixt your feet wherever you tin drawback 1 to 4 bands to deadlift for a assortment of difficulties.

Check nan gif for further explanation:

Coach Jim crisscrossing a guidance band, past stepping connected it, for this deadlift variation.

4) Kettlebell aliases Dumbbell Swing

Coach Staci showing you nan kettlebell swing

Just arsenic we added immoderate velocity and detonation to nan squats, we tin do nan aforesaid point to nan deadlift activity too. This is called ‘the swing’ and tin beryllium done pinch a dumbbell, kettlebell, aliases moreover a compact backpack.

The biggest attraction is to make judge nan powerfulness is coming from your hips and they popular open, and not from your arms lifting nan weight.

5) One-Legged Deadlift (do 8-12 per side)

Doing a deadlift connected 1 lef is simply a awesome measurement little assemblage bodyweight exercise.

As pinch nan squat, if we don’t person bands aliases equipment, past 1 of nan champion go-to’s is to execute nan workout connected 1 leg. This puts much activity connected that azygous leg, arsenic good arsenic makes it much challenging for our equilibrium arsenic we spell done nan reps.

6) Weighted One-Legged-Deadlift

Coach Staci showing you really to execute dumbbell Romanian deadlift

Have immoderate weights to use, but a two-legged deadlift is excessively easy – past do it connected 1 leg! Take your time, and proceed to attraction connected pushing those hips backmost astatine nan commencement of nan exercise.

For much here, cheque retired The Nerd’s Guide to Deadlifting

#3) Lunge Variations

When done correctly, lunges target nan quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves, enhancing little assemblage spot and stability. Additionally, because they are iso-lateral (your feet aren’t successful statement pinch each other), lunges thief accent nan little assemblage successful a different measurement that tin thief trim imbalances from near to right.

When you adhd it each up: lunges are cleanable for limb day!

Lunge variations to take from:

1) Assisted Lunges

Coach Staci showing you really to execute nan assisted bodyweight lunge

Just for illustration pinch nan assisted squats, for assisted lunges, we tin clasp onto thing unchangeable for illustration a countertop, chair, aliases wall. The thought again is to put immoderate of nan activity into your arms and disconnected your legs, arsenic good arsenic supply much stability.

2) Split Squats

This gif shows JCoach Jim doing a bodyweight divided squat.

The divided squat is different awesome variety to activity connected nan measurement to a regular bodyweight lunge. While it looks very akin to a lunge, nan biggest quality is that we’ll group our feet once, and past support them successful spot and we move up and down. By keeping nan feet stationary, nan workout tin beryllium a spot easier to balance.

3) Bodyweight Lunges

This gif shows Staci doing a guardant bodyweight lunge, nan astir basal lunge variation

The lunge puts accent connected nan legs greater than conscionable a bodyweight squat, while besides challenging our balance. Step retired acold capable to beryllium capable to descend down truthful that your backmost knee comes adjacent to nan crushed (it tin lightly touch, but don’t slam it down).

If stepping guardant feels a small achy for nan knee, you tin activity connected stepping backward into position (aka nan reverse lunge).

4) Pause Lunges

Coach Staci doing an lunge, and pausing astatine nan bottom.

If nan regular lunge is emotion strong, past adhd a pause! We’ll region astatine nan bottommost of each rep for a mates of seconds earlier returning to standing. Get arsenic debased arsenic you can, while still keeping nan backmost knee disconnected nan ground.

5) Lateral Lunges

Coach Staci and Jim showing you nan lateral lunge.

Lateral lunges are a deceptively challenging lunge variation. While galore of our movements successful nan gym person america moving guardant and backward (the sagittal plane, for you anatomy nerds). The lateral lunge has america moving sideways (the frontal plane), truthful it whitethorn consciousness caller and unfamiliar.

Take your time, usage an assistance if needed, and look to descend down arsenic debased connected your starring limb arsenic you would successful a squat. The different limb tin stay straight, pinch nan ft connected nan ground.

6) Weighted Lunges

Coach Staci showing you nan goblet lunge

Are each of these lunges excessively easy truthful far? Then adhd immoderate weight! You tin clasp weight up astatine your chest, for illustration nan goblet squat, aliases successful your hands. If you person immoderate weight successful a backpack, you tin moreover deterioration it to make nan workout much difficult.

7) Jumping Split Squats

 Get group conscionable for illustration a regular divided squat - stepping retired pinch 1 ft and sinking down. But now, alternatively of conscionable divided squatting up and down pinch nan feet successful place, you want to detonate disconnected nan crushed and move feet successful mid-air.

When you’re moving out, but don’t person immoderate other weight to adhd to your lunges, this move variety will get nan occupation done. Get group conscionable for illustration a regular divided squat – stepping retired pinch 1 ft and sinking down. But now, alternatively of conscionable divided squatting up and down pinch nan feet successful place, you want to detonate disconnected nan crushed and move feet successful mid-air.

For much here, cheque retired The Nerd’s Guide to nan Perfect Lunge

#4) Calf Raises

No astonishment present that calf raises target our calf muscles…it’s correct successful nan name.

But nan workout besides promotes ft and ankle strength, contributing to wide assemblage balance. That makes it a awesome workout for limb day.

Calf Raise variations to take from:

1) Seated Calf Raises

Coach Jim doing a seated calf raise

If this is your first clip doing dedicated calf work, I’d highly propose starting pinch seated calf raises. The other focused activity connected this musculus tin make them sore very easily, truthful this a bully action to dip your toes in.

2) Standing Calf Raises (Floor)

Coach Jim doing a opinionated calf raise from nan floor.

If seated calf raises are emotion strong, past guidelines up to adhd a spot of weight to nan movement. Press your toes done nan crushed and get up arsenic precocious arsenic you can. Hold onto a wall, chair, aliases countertop to assistance pinch your balance, but look to support astir of nan weight still successful nan legs.

3) Standing Calf Raises (Step)

Coach Jim doing a opinionated raise from a step

Adding a measurement to your opinionated calf raises allows you to driblet your heels little and summation nan scope of motion. This besides increases nan likelihood that it’ll beryllium a small reliable to locomotion usually nan adjacent day!

Get a bully agelong astatine nan bottom, and past really widen up to nan top.

4) One-Leg Calf Raises (Floor)

Coach Jim doing a opinionated one-leg calf raise

Once two-legged calf raises are nary problem, past it’s easy to summation nan strength by moving 1 limb astatine a time. As before, we tin commencement connected nan crushed to get much weight into nan activity while moving successful a smaller scope of motion.

5) One-Leg Calf Raises (Step)

Coach Jim doing a guidelines one-legged calf raise

Ready to move those calves into cows? Then let’s get up connected nan measurement and activity nan one-legged calf raise. All nan erstwhile cues still use – look to driblet your bottommost beneath nan measurement and get a bully agelong earlier pushing done and really extending astatine nan top.

If this continues to consciousness easy, past your free manus tin clasp a weight to summation nan strength further.

#5) Step-Up Variation

Step-ups, a versatile limb exercise, amp up spot successful important musculus groups—quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and adductors.

Moreover, being a unilateral limb workout (since we’re doing 1 limb astatine a time), step-ups play a captious domiciled successful balancing spot betwixt some sides. This tin thief america amended imbalances. As we strive to create a slayer limb time regular (which is nan plan), step-ups decidedly merit a spot successful nan spotlight.

Step-up variations to take from:

1) Assisted Step-Ups

Coach Jim doing an assisted step-up, by holding connected to a adjacent wall.

As pinch nan erstwhile assisted variations, usage thing unchangeable to thief you measurement up onto nan object. You whitethorn measurement onto a stepstool, a measurement aliases 2 connected a formation of stairs, aliases immoderate unchangeable box. 

The higher nan object, nan harder nan step-up, but looking for a tallness that puts your beforehand thigh astir horizontal is simply a bully mean to activity towards.

2) Bodyweight Step-Ups

This workout really is arsenic elemental arsenic stepping up and down a container aliases mini unafraid stool.

When nan legs consciousness beardown enough, past region immoderate assistance and measurement up strong. Look to support nan thorax up arsenic you guidelines up gangly astatine nan top. Alternate backmost and distant pinch which limb you measurement with, to springiness nan legs an adjacent magnitude of work.

3) Weighted Step-Ups

A mates of weights is an easy measurement to up nan trouble here.

As we proceed to get stronger pinch nan step-ups, past adding weight is nan adjacent earthy progression. As pinch nan lunges, you tin clasp weight up astatine your chest, for illustration nan goblet squat, aliases successful your hands. If you person immoderate weight successful a backpack, you tin moreover deterioration it to make nan workout much difficult.

4) Bulgarian Split Squats

Coach Staci and Jim showing you nan Bulgarian divided squat

While nan Bulgarian Split Squat looks for illustration a lunge, we’ll support it successful the Step-Up Variations arsenic A) we should beryllium putting much accent connected nan beforehand limb than some legs and B) you’ll apt beryllium performing this workout pinch nan aforesaid set-up arsenic your step-ups – connected a formation of stairs aliases pinch a box.

Step retired successful beforehand of immoderate entity you’re using, and past spot nan apical of your ft up connected nan object. If this is excessively uncomfortable, past you tin spot a towel aliases different akin padding to help.

Sink down until your beforehand thigh gets horizontal, and past guidelines backmost up. If you consciousness excessively “cramped” erstwhile trying to descend, past measurement a small further distant from nan object.

#6) Shin Raises

Shin raises are great. They make nan beforehand shin muscle, called nan tibialis anterior, stronger. This musculus helps protect your knees by reducing nan unit connected them erstwhile you tally aliases jump. They are besides awesome if you’ve ever suffered from shin splints. So, shin raises are for illustration a shield for your knees during progressive stuff!

They are besides overmuch little often worked, truthful return your clip and don’t get disappointment if they consciousness challenged!

Shin raise variations to take from:

1) Shin Raise – Feet Close to Wall

Coach Jim, doing a shin raise adjacent to nan wall.

The first and comparatively easiest variety is to execute shin raises pinch your feet person to nan wall and your backmost leaning up against nan wall. Feet should beryllium people hip-width apart, and past assistance your feet arsenic precocious arsenic you are capable to go. Again, return your clip and spell for value reps.

2) Shin Raise – Feet Far from Wall

Coach Jim doing a shin raise acold from nan wall

As nan shin raise gets easier, you tin summation nan scope of mobility and trouble by moving your feet farther from nan wall. Continue pinch nan aforesaid cues – putting your feet hip-width apart, and lifting your feet arsenic precocious arsenic you tin go.

3) Shin Raise – Heels connected Edge of a Step

Coach Jim doing a shin raise, pinch his bottommost higher connected a step.

Some group for illustration opinionated connected nan separator of a measurement and lowering their feet down, arsenic opposed to moving their feet retired distant from nan wall, to make nan shin raise much difficult.

Care should beryllium taken present to group up a safe position. Look to prime a very debased measurement wherever your toes tin touch nan crushed lightly astatine nan bottom. This will thief minimize nan consequence of slipping disconnected nan front. Your heels should beryllium firmly connected nan step, and past scope backmost to nan wall for balance.  

What’s a Good Leg Day Warm-Up?

A bunch of fittingness instrumentality against a wall.

Warming up earlier tackling limb time is important because it’ll thief you move amended and consciousness stronger done your workout.

As your assemblage somesthesia rises during a warm-up, humor travel to muscles increases. This enhances oxygen transportation and nutrient supply, optimizing musculus function. 

Additionally, warm-ups beforehand nan merchandise of synovial fluid – this is simply a heavy liquid betwixt your joints that reduces friction. This helps nan exercises consciousness much effortless.

So, successful a nutshell, warming up is for illustration priming your motor earlier pushing nan pedal.

Here’s a warm-up you tin do to hole for limb day:

#1) Leg Swings for 20-30 seconds per side

Coach Jim doing a limb swing

The nonsubjective for this activity is to lightly move nan hep associated done a large scope of motion. Only plaything arsenic precocious arsenic you consciousness comfortable, and support nan assemblage successful a beardown upright posture.

#2) Marching successful Place for 30-60 seconds

Marching successful spot tin beryllium a awesome jump statement alternative

You tin march successful spot aliases march consecutive ahead. The marching should summation our bosom complaint a bit, but not beryllium strenuous. The nonsubjective present is to present immoderate activity successful nan knee associated and proceed to lukewarm nan full assemblage up.

#3) One to Two Sets of an Easier Variation of Your First Chosen Exercise

These are not portion of nan prescribed sets that are successful nan workout. These are further sets! Adding successful a fewer warm-up sets is 1 of nan champion things to do to specifically hole nan assemblage for nan exercise.

So if you’re first workout is simply a bodyweight squat:

Do a due bodyweight squat to activity retired your legs

Start disconnected pinch an assisted squat:

Doing assisted bodyweight squats is simply a awesome measurement towards regular bodyweight squats

Or if you’re doing a goblet squat, past commencement disconnected pinch a lighter weight (or a bodyweight squat).

Adjust nan activity for these warm-up sets truthful that they consciousness bully and you consciousness much prepared for nan tougher sets ahead.

#4) Include Additional Warm-up Sets, arsenic Necessary, arsenic You Continue Through Your Workout

After nan first exercise, you whitethorn consciousness bully capable to measurement correct into nan main sets of your adjacent exercises. If you don’t consciousness ready, past proceed performing 1-2 easier sets arsenic a warm-up for immoderate further exercise.

If you’re going to beryllium lifting dense weights, aliases conscionable challenging yourself successful general, it’s still a bully thought to do warm-up sets earlier you get to nan main event.

So if you scheme connected doing a kettlebell deadlift:

Deadlifts astatine a lighter weight, aliases a bodyweight bully greeting would help.

Coach Staci showing you really to execute a bully morning

Listen to your assemblage arsenic you go, and don’t beryllium acrophobic to adhd a warm-up group aliases 2 earlier each caller exercise.

For much connected this subject, cheque retired How to Warm Up Before a Workout.

3 Ways to Challenge Your Legs Without Using Weights

Five guidance bands successful different colors

If you’re astatine home, you mightiness person immoderate weights astir for your limb time workout.


But if you’re distant from home, for illustration astatine an Airbnb, you mightiness not.

Don’t fret.

Here are 3 ways to situation your legs without weights:

  1. Pause variation: this will make nan activity tougher arsenic we region for a mates of seconds astatine a definite constituent successful nan exercise, usually astatine nan bottommost wherever nan muscles are doing nan astir work.
  2. Banded version: this will make nan activity tougher arsenic we usage bands to adhd guidance to nan exercise. There are different workout bands you tin purchase, but we thin to for illustration nan thicker, closed-loop bands. They are overmuch easier to battalion for a roadworthy travel than a group of weights. You tin study much astir guidance bands here. 
  3. Dynamic version: this will make nan activity tougher as we adhd immoderate velocity to nan exercise. This mostly involves a jumping variety of a regular exercise, specified arsenic jumping squats aliases jumping divided squats.

Now, sometimes we request to make exercises EASIER.

This is mostly done by performing an assisted variation. 

With an assisted variation, we make nan activity easier and mostly impact holding onto thing coagulated adjacent – whether that’s a countertop, chair, aliases wall.

Assisted variations are besides useful (hehe) for doing warm-ups. See above.

Now, obviously, a elemental measurement to make an workout tougher is to adhd immoderate weight to it. Let’s talk astir that next.

How to Use Weights astatine Home for Leg Day (Including Household Objects)

A statement of dumbbells connected a rack

Adding immoderate weight to an workout will people make nan activity tougher, arsenic we person to move our bodyweight and this further weight. You mightiness person a mini postulation of weights and dumbbells astatine location that you tin use, but we tin besides drawback thing safe and unchangeable for further weight. It’s thing we bring up successful nan video, How to Level Up Your Home Gym:

As highlighted by Coach Matt successful nan video above, various family items tin beryllium repurposed for your location gym!

Picture yourself arsenic a fittingness MacGyver, but alternatively of building a chopper pinch a crazy straw, a tin of hairspray, and immoderate bubble gum…

You’re crafting a location gym!

Consider these replacement fittingness instrumentality ideas utilizing mundane items:

#1) Household Containers (Milk, Laundry)

If it has a grip and tin clasp water, it tin service arsenic a makeshift free weight.

Another thought is to usage an quiet laundry detergent bottle, refilled pinch water. To make it lighter, set nan h2o level.

Want it moreover heavier? Use soil instead.

#2) Buckets

What’s designed to clasp h2o and beryllium lifted and carried?

A bucket!

With a bucket and your legs, you tin execute a Romanian deadlift:

If you person a bucket, and legs, you tin do a Romanian deadlift.

Like a jug, capable it pinch capable h2o (or sand) to lucifer your strength. Take your clip if you’re utilizing water, arsenic it’ll beryllium apt to slosh retired otherwise!

#3) Luggage and Backpacks

Your luggage mightiness conscionable beryllium sitting successful a closet correct now. Or you mightiness person a ton of other bags aliases backpacks lying around.

So why not move these into weights? Fill them pinch thing that tin adhd a spot of heft.

Need immoderate ideas? How about:

  • Books
  • Canned goods
  • Laundry!

Take a stroll astir your house; you’ll find plentifulness to adhd to make things challenging. (Just retrieve to support it safe!)

Now that you person dense luggage, deadlifts are a awesome option. You whitethorn find it a spot much challenging to assistance than a accepted dumbbell aliases barbell too!

If you person luggage, you tin do deadlifts.

Most exercises pinch a sandbag tin beryllium replicated pinch a suitcase filled pinch weight too. You could moreover conscionable dive into nan heavy extremity and make a fewer sandbags yourself.

And finally, a dense backpack is awesome to deterioration for weighted squats, lunges, aliases step-ups.

What Exactly Is Leg Day?

So what is this “leg day”, and why does everyone ever look to beryllium skipping it?

"That's a difficult pass"

Leg time isn’t immoderate much analyzable than dedicating an full workout to nan little body. This allows you to attraction overmuch much clip and attraction connected it, than if you were moving your limb exercises during a full assemblage routine. (Like thing we outline here.)

Leg time besides tends to beryllium really, really HARD. Not only because we’re recruiting nan biggest muscles of nan assemblage to move astir nan astir magnitude of weight, but nan remainder of nan assemblage usually besides has to activity and stabilize everything successful nan process.

Lots much moving than conscionable nan legs here!

Now there’s thing correct aliases incorrect astir having a dedicated limb day. This whitethorn aliases whitethorn not activity pinch your existent goals and situation.

But whether you person an full dedicated limb workout, aliases activity full assemblage pinch each session, training your legs is simply a must.

That’s because…

5 Reasons to Never Skip Leg Day

A man connected a mat, astir to do a limb workout

You whitethorn wondered:

Are training legs really that important? I mean, I locomotion a lot.

Isn’t that bully enough?”

My answer: no. Now spell do immoderate squats!

Kidding (but earnestly do immoderate squats).

Here are nan benefits of doing limb day:

  1. Build a Beastly Base: Your legs are nan powerhouse of your body, literally. Strong legs = amended balance, improved athleticism, and a boost successful mundane activities for illustration climbing stairs aliases carrying groceries for illustration a champ. Think of them arsenic nan instauration of your fittingness empire!
  2. Calorie Crushing: Leg workouts prosecute aggregate musculus groups, making them calorie-burning machines. Squats, lunges, deadlifts – they each nonstop your metabolism into overdrive, helping you sculpt a leaner, fitter you. Plus, nan other musculus wide you build burns much calories moreover astatine rest, meaning much calories burned while playing video games.[1] 
  3. Total Body Gains: Forget nan story of isolated musculus groups. Leg workouts trigger a hormonal cascade passim nan full assemblage that benefits nan remainder of your muscles, starring to gains successful precocious assemblage spot arsenic well. Biceps? Triceps? They’ll beryllium thanking you for those squats!
  4. Brain Booster: Exercise isn’t conscionable astir nan body, it’s a friend to nan encephalon too. Leg workouts summation humor travel to your head, delivering oxygen and nutrients that boost cognitive usability and memory. So, adjacent clip you request to ace that position aliases retrieve wherever you parked nan car (again), deed nan gym and springiness your legs immoderate love.[2] 
  5. Pain Prevention Powerhouse: Strong limb muscles are your body’s daze absorbers, protecting your joints and spine from injuries. So clasp nan limb time life – your early aforesaid will convey you for it![3] 

Now, to reply your question: 

Can You Get Strong Legs Just by Walking?

A man stepping connected a road

While a brisk locomotion (or a run) is simply a awesome measurement to enactment active, amended your cardiovascular health, and boost your mood, it’s not rather nan muscle-building superhero you mightiness beryllium hoping for. Think of it for illustration a gentle pat connected nan enarthrosis compared to nan full-on footwear campy of squats and lunges. Challenging spot exercises, for illustration nan ones you spot successful this article, person a big of benefits you won’t get stepping and running.

  • First off, they return nan joints done a overmuch bigger scope of motion. The magnitude of activity successful nan knees and hips during a squat is importantly much than a walk. It’s important to move our joints done these ranges of motion, truthful we tin proceed moving them good for years to come!
  • Next, this bigger scope of mobility intends we’re building spot successful nan muscles overmuch much efficaciously than pinch a locomotion aliases a run. More spot will service america good successful thing we do – from sports to life.
  • Lastly, this strength-building besides puts capable accent connected nan assemblage to build (or maintain) musculus and bone. The aforesaid can’t beryllium said for stepping and running. Maintaining musculus and bony is captious arsenic we property (and besides beautiful darn important erstwhile we’re younger too!).

So, while stepping is fantabulous for nan bosom and a awesome instauration for a patient lifestyle, don’t underestimate nan powerfulness of adding immoderate targeted spot training to unlock those hidden gains. Trust me, your legs will convey you for it!

Oh, and if you are willing successful stepping much (a awesome thought successful general), here’s The Hobbit’sNerd’s Guide to Walking.

How to Prevent Muscle Soreness From Leg Day

Someone connected nan ground, pinch a "red" limb that is sore.

First things first, let’s negociate expectations. 

Soreness is simply a earthy consequence of challenging your muscles – particularly if you’re coming backmost from a agelong break aliases trying thing new. It’s for illustration your assemblage throwing a mini temper fight because you dared to inquire it to get extracurricular its comfortableness zone.

So possibly reframe this arsenic your muscles whispering, “Hey, we conscionable leveled up!”

Now, that doesn’t mean we gotta rotation astir successful agony nan time after. We tin outsmart nan soreness a spot pinch immoderate clever strategies.

Step 1) Pre-Workout Prep

  • Warm up for illustration nobody’s watching: Get your humor pumping pinch immoderate easy movements for illustration limb swings aliases marching. Think of it arsenic waking up your muscles earlier they get thrown into nan gladiator arena. We covered a warm-up astatine nan apical of this article (found here), but we besides person a complete guideline that covers different warm-up routines
  • Hydrate!: Water is your post-workout soreness BFF. Hydrating decently tin lessen discomfort and safeguard your joints and muscles. It useful by maintaining nan elasticity of nan cartilage, benignant of for illustration giving them a regular dose of TLC. Fill up before, during, and aft your limb time adventure. Think of it arsenic soul lubrication for those tired warriors.

Step 2) During Your Workout

  • Form is your fortress: Don’t ego-lift, my friend. Use due shape to target nan correct muscles and debar injury. If you find an workout excessively challenging, past set to different variation. We’re trying to slow build a castle here, and due shape is really we make judge each nan rocks spell successful nan correct places.
  • Progressive overload, not utmost overload: Push yourself, but perceive to your body. Don’t spell from “I ne'er activity out” to “squat champion” successful a day. Your muscles request clip to accommodate and build strength. Increasing nan magnitude of activity you do excessively drastically is simply a surefire measurement to person immoderate debilitating soreness from your workout.
  • Variety is nan herb of limb life: Different exercises target different musculus fibers wrong your legs. Squats chiefly prosecute quads, while lunges deed hamstrings and glutes much prominently. By mixing things up, you guarantee each musculus groups get challenged, and 1 area isn’t beaten up relentlessly (and incredibly sore nan adjacent day). Working different exercises besides leads to much balanced and wide limb development.

Now, Step 3 is going to get america into “active recovery.” Basically, what to do AFTER your limb time workout.

But let’s dive into a caller conception for that.

What Workout to Do AFTER Leg Day? (5 Ideas)

A man utilizing a foam roller

To retrieve from an aggravated limb time workout, location are a fewer things we tin do. Some of these things tin beryllium done correct aft our workout, while others tin beryllium prioritized nan adjacent day.

Here are immoderate ideas:

#1) Cool Down

Avoid nan post-workout slump pinch a gentle cooldown. Light activity for illustration stepping aliases jogging helps pump humor done your moving muscles, preventing them from emotion for illustration overinflated balloons. This tin trim lactic acerb buildup, a awesome contributor to musculus soreness.

#2) Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is your concealed limb for releasing hostility and improving humor travel successful those tired legs, particularly successful your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Think of it arsenic giving your muscles a mini massage aft a workout. Studies show that foam rolling tin thief summation humor travel to nan treated area, perchance aiding successful faster betterment and reducing musculus soreness.[4] 

Remember, it’s not a conflict – perceive to your assemblage and use gentle pressure. We’re trying to relax nan muscles a bit, not hit them down into submission.

Here’s a regular you tin tally done if you person a roller handy:

For more, cheque retired our guideline How to Use a Foam Roller (Step by Step)

#3) Re-Fuel!

Soon aft your workout, replenish your power stores pinch a delicious blend of macromolecule and carbs. 

Think of meals like:

  • Protein smoothie pinch banana
  • Greek yogurt pinch berries and granola
  • Whole-wheat wrap pinch turkey and avocado 

Studies show that consuming macromolecule and carbs soon aft a workout optimizes musculus betterment and growth.[5] 

#4) Motion is Lotion!

This is simply a favourite saying we person astir here. It intends to move astir bully and easy, anyhow that you can! This mightiness mean a ray walk, aliases a yoga session, aliases moreover a group aliases 2 of yesterday’s exercises astatine an easy level. Look to get nan joints and muscles done arsenic large a scope of mobility arsenic you can.

This is often nan nonstop other of what galore group do nan time aft limb time – which is to beryllium astir for days and hold for nan soreness to subside. You’ll consciousness overmuch amended and beryllium capable to tackle your adjacent workout a batch sooner if you retrieve to support moving around!

#5) Sleep

Don’t underestimate nan powerfulness of sleep! Aim for 7-8 hours of value shut-eye to let your muscles to repair and rebuild. As we screen successful our Guide to a Goodnight’s Rest, slumber is for illustration magic for your assemblage – it’s erstwhile nan existent maturation and advancement happen. 

For much tips connected activities to do aft your limb time workout, cheque retired The Nerd’s Guide to Active Recovery.

What’s nan Best Day for Leg Day? (When to Schedule Leg Day)

A overmuch of almanac months successful a row

When it comes to scheduling your limb day, there’s nary one-size-fits-all solution. It’s each astir uncovering what useful champion for your schedule.

With that being said, present are some things to see erstwhile scheduling Leg Day:

  1. When you person nan astir time. Working legs is reliable and takes clip to lukewarm up and spell dense successful your sets, arsenic compared to nan precocious body. While we still urge getting successful your limb workouts moreover if you person a engaged schedule, IF you person a prime past look to statement up your limb time pinch nan time of nan week that gives you nan astir disposable time.
  2. Post remainder time for a caller attack. To maximize musculus engagement, perchance schedule your limb time workout aft a remainder day. That measurement you’re emotion recovered and fresh to put successful nan difficult work.
  3. Avoid pulling exercises nan time before. Often erstwhile personification is doing a dedicated limb day, they’ll activity their precocious assemblage connected nan different days of nan week. With these precocious assemblage workouts, it’s besides communal for group to break up nan exercises into pushing and pulling workouts. Because we often person to drawback and clasp weights aliases bands for our limb time workouts, it’s amended to debar scheduling limb time nan time aft your pulling workouts.  The grip will beryllium tired and it whitethorn impact what you tin lift.

So location you person it, my friend! The limb time gauntlet has been laid, but really you take to conquer it is wholly yours. 

You whitethorn find a dedicated limb time to activity champion for you – allowing you to really attraction connected each workout and push really hard. Or you whitethorn find that a full assemblage workout – hitting legs and precocious assemblage successful nan aforesaid convention – useful overmuch amended for your schedule and your goals. There are nary correct and incorrect answers here.

Remember, nan Nerd Fitness Rebellion isn’t astir rigid rules, it’s astir experimenting, uncovering what lights your training fire, and making advancement toward your goals while having fun.

And if you’re looking for moreover much thief successful building your workout, don’t hide to cheque retired our guideline connected crafting nan cleanable personalized workout plan: How to Build a Workout Routine

It’ll thief you incorporated your caller limb time regular into a complete workout.

Now spell forth, nerdy warriors! Conquer limb day, conquer your workouts, and conquer nan world, 1 step, squat, and lunge astatine a time!

-Coach Jim

PS – This is my favourite limb time meme:

"Leg Day Be Like" pinch Jim Carrey yelling astatine nan arrows successful his legs.


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