What I Eat in a Day for a Healthy Gut—Grain-Free, No Bloat Edition (Video!)

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We whitethorn person a information of income if you acquisition a merchandise done a nexus successful this article.

Since I’ve been sharing my gut treatment journey complete nan past fewer months, I’ve gotten truthful galore notes from y’all asking for much grain-free recipes and repast ideas—which is fun, because I honestly didn’t cognize if anyone would attraction astir my caller grain-free life! So, I’m very excited to stock each nan delicious nutrient that’s been making maine consciousness astonishing lately. I personally emotion watching different people’s What I Eat successful a Day episodes connected societal media. Especially when they’re created by different women who lead very afloat lives while still prioritizing healthful, bursting-with-flavor meals. I want each nan specifications connected really they do it.


A Note connected ‘What I Eat successful a Day’ Videos

On nan flip side, astir of america tin subordinate to nan inclination to comparison our ain eating habits to those of others, and 1 point I’ve learned for sure through my years of investigation connected fare and nutrition? There’s nary one-size-fits-all “perfect diet” for anyone. The thought of bio-individuality is that each personification has unsocial wellness needs and that our bodies respond otherwise to various foods—which intends that we can’t presume that conscionable because 1 measurement of eating makes 1 personification consciousness their best, it’s nan champion for us, too. Each of america has to observe our optimal fare by listening to our bodies, watching really we consciousness erstwhile we eat definite foods, and getting successful tune pinch our ain hunger and fullness signals.

With that arsenic our foundation, I dream that my WIEIAD beneath sparks imaginative ideas successful nan kitchen, provides you pinch a fewer caller recipes to try, and inspires you to support it easy erstwhile life gets busy. And if you’re experimenting pinch a Paleo, Grain-Free, aliases Gluten-Free measurement of eating, these repast ideas person sewage you covered.

Watch nan video, past scroll connected for nan sources and links that I mention. And if you person immoderate questions, beryllium judge to driblet a remark connected nan Youtube episode. (And subscribe to our channel if you’re enjoying it!) Scroll connected for everything I ate successful a time for a patient gut—the grain-free, no-bloat edition.



Why destruct grains?

I want to beryllium very clear from nan beginning: Grains are not “bad.” Pizza is not “bad.” Sourdough breadstuff is not “bad.” This is each astir really circumstantial foods make you feel, and I for 1 want to beryllium eating successful a measurement that supports my wide health. For my peculiar digestive strategy — and I’m learning, a batch of different people’s excessively — grains tin beryllium very difficult connected nan GI tract, and location are a batch of hidden intolerances. This is simply a small much all-encompassing than a gluten-free diet, and it’s different than having celiac illness aliases a gluten-intolerance. Eating “grain-free” intends eliminating gluten and wheat, and besides corn, oats, quinoa, rice, buckwheat, rye, amaranth, and barley.

I stock a batch much successful my article astir the effects of a grain-free fare connected gut health, but to make a very agelong communicative short: erstwhile I stopped eating grains, my longstanding digestive symptoms went away. And I’m not nan only one: Dr. William Davis says successful his book Super Gut (which I highly urge for anyone dealing pinch unresolved digestive issues):

“Wheat and atom elimination removes an royal root of intestinal inflammation and originates nan process of treatment your GI tract. ”


What I eat successful a time for a patient gut

Now that we’ve established nan why, let’s talk astir what I’m really eating! Read connected for 24 (delicious and nourishing) hours successful my life:

Wake up

First thing: I make a cookware of coffee. I prep it nan nighttime earlier truthful that each I person to do is deed nan “power” fastener for it to commencement brewing. Lately, I’ve been adding immoderate steamed pistachio beverage which adds a small sweetness without immoderate existent sugar.

I portion my java during my journaling/morning regular time, past operation up my daily dose of AG1 to sip connected while I thief nan kids get fresh for school. I emotion that AG1 gives maine a potent burst of vitamins, minerals, and probiotics first point and lays nan instauration for bully eating choices ahead.



Breakfast: Grain-Free Zucchini Muffins

I’ve been very focused connected getting macromolecule successful nan greeting lately. Getting sufficient protein astatine your first repast of nan time plays an important domiciled successful hormone regulation and blood sweetener balance. Today it’s 1 of my Grain-Free Zucchini Muffins—I made a large batch of them connected nan play and popped successful nan freezer for easy breakfasts each week. To rewarm, I conscionable popular it into nan microwave connected 50% powerfulness for astir 90 seconds and apical pinch a small butter. I besides ate immoderate strawberries and blackberries for a fibre boost.

All Day Water

Every morning, I capable up my large h2o vessel pinch filtered water, past I adhd a packet of Sunfiber (a prebiotic/probiotic blend that nourishes bully gut bacteria—it’s invisible and wholly tasteless) and a packet of LMNT electrolytes which helps maine enactment precocious power and makes my h2o sensation really bully which keeps maine sipping each day. I’m a instrumentality of each nan flavors, but watermelon is astir apt my apical choice.


Lunch: Tex-Mex Nourish Bowl

For lunch, I made a nourish bowl pinch Tex-Mex flavors. Since astir nourish bowls usage grains arsenic a base, I utilized cauliflower atom instead—and didn’t miss nan grains successful this repast astatine all. Even if you’re not delicate to grains for illustration I am, nan much you tin capable your sheet pinch veggies and protein, nan much nutrient-dense your meals are going to be.

When I’m making a nourish bowl, I for illustration to incorporated a cooked veggie, immoderate earthy veggies, a protein, thing creamy for illustration goat food aliases avocado, and past thing crunchy for illustration seeds aliases nuts aliases crispy chickpeas. And past I’ll do a dressing of immoderate kind—sometimes I make 1 but coming I utilized this Primal Kitchen 1 that I love.

grain free repast plan

grain free repast plan

Afternoon Snack: Pears pinch Cottage Cheese

For a snack, I americium a immense instrumentality of toast pinch each nan delish toppings, and backmost erstwhile I was eating grains, toast pinch cottage food was a go-to macromolecule snack for me. Since emblematic breadstuff is now disconnected nan table, I’ve been looking for different patient ways to fulfill those cravings. Turns retired that a crunchy sliced pear is simply a really awesome alloy for cottage food and granola.



Dinner: Sweet Potato Black Bean Chili

This vegetarian chili is 1 of my favourite cozy recipes for acold days. I’m ever connected nan hunt for dishes that are packed pinch nutrition, tin beryllium easy reheated, fresh a assortment of dietary needs, and astir importantly, are incredibly delicious. Especially since respective of my friends are either vegetarian aliases gluten-free. Thankfully this vegetarian chili checks disconnected each azygous box.

I’m really doubling up nan look and making immoderate to return to my friend Claire who conscionable had a baby. This is specified a awesome repast to return to friends successful request because it’s truthful nourishing and it fits beautiful overmuch each dietary restriction. And it makes awesome leftovers—they tin genuinely conscionable support it successful nan fridge and lukewarm it up whenever they’re fresh to eat.

Bedtime Snack

I effort to debar mindless snacking astatine bedtime, but I besides cannot guidelines to spell to furniture hungry, truthful I conscionable effort to perceive to my assemblage and eat thing if I consciousness for illustration I request it. I ever person a cup of beverage (decaf chai aliases bedtime tea) pinch a small steamed pistachio beverage aliases full milk, which usually does nan trick. On this peculiar night, I besides ate a fistful of Chocolate-Peanut Butter Skinny Dipped Almonds which I’m recently obsessed with.


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