What to Do With Your Life in February—50 Ideas to Add to Your Bucket List

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February’s funny. In galore places, we’ve passed winter’s chilliest midpoint and the commencement of spring is wrong reach. But astatine nan aforesaid time, February’s harsh upwind tin look never-ending, and nan committedness of warmer days feels for illustration a tube dream astatine best. Of course, Valentine’s Day sits squarely successful nan mediate of nan year’s shortest month, and whether you’re successful a narration aliases not, knowing really to walk nan holiday comes pinch nary shortage of options. Amidst each this acold and love-struck mayhem, I wanted to make room for consistent, regular joy. That’s why I’ve filled our February bucket database pinch inspiring and energy-sparking to-do’s that mightiness conscionable make nan period your favourite yet.

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50 February Bucket List Ideas

While immoderate whitethorn beryllium speedy to constitute February disconnected arsenic a period to skip over, I’d reason it’s 1 of nan astir magic-filled times of nan year. There are warm mugs of our favourite beverages to beryllium sipped, soups to beryllium slurped, and an endless watercourse of movies and books to curl up with. See love, while traditionally thought of arsenic romanticist emotion successful nan discourse of Valentine’s Day, tin return connected endless forms. It tin look for illustration picking up your partner’s astir cherished dessert aft work, inviting a friend to their favourite café for a meal date, aliases simply carving retired nan clip that’s yours and yours unsocial to walk successful immoderate measurement you’d like.

It’s pinch this thought successful mind that we’ve rounded up your February bucket list, which plays lightly connected nan taxable of emotion successful each its forms. From really to make nan astir of your solo time to ways to build upon your caller twelvemonth reset, we person ideas for things to do successful February that are judge to springiness you nan butterflies.

1. Switch retired your sheets. Is location thing sexier than silk? While galore of america were rocking our flannel sheets and heavy-duty comforters passim nan holidays and into January, it’s clip to observe nan period of emotion pinch picks that’ll springiness you an excuse to walk each time successful bed. This sateen set is truthful chic.

2. Discover your emotion language. I’ve agelong known that words of affirmation get maine going (she’s a writer, duh!). But, after reference this article and re-taking nan quiz, I was amazed to study that beingness touch is important to me, too. Do you cognize yours?

3. Surprise your S.O. pinch a home-cooked meal. Whether you spell precocious pinch something fancy aliases play it cool pinch their favourite comfortableness dish, there’s thing amended than stepping done nan doorway to nan heavenly scent of thing homemade. No matter your emotion language.

4. Book an unforgettable experience. As a midwestern girlie, there’s obscurity that instantly sparks nan thought of luxury much than Destination Kohler. If you haven’t made nan trek up to Wisconsin yet, there’s nary amended clip than right now. Visit nan quaint Kohler Village for nan Celebration of Chocolate festival, February 23-24. Expect cook demonstrations, vino pairings, crystal skating, and cocoa tastings each passim nan weekend. Honestly, tin you deliberation of a amended measurement to wrap up nan month?

Coupes filled pinch roseate wine.

5. Try a caller wine. Whether you book your favourite BYOB edifice for Valentine’s Day aliases make a typical repast astatine home, thing says celebratory rather for illustration a new-to-you wine. I’m partial to this crisp Italian white that’s refreshing and easy to portion arsenic good arsenic this sparkling rosé that boasts a blase sweetness. Just telephone it nan cleanable V-Day bubbly.

6. … aliases make a caller mocktail! With galore of america continuing our Dry January into nan months to come, it’s clip to grow our imaginative minds and deliberation extracurricular nan emblematic mocktail. Olivia Noceda is my go-to woman for nan sexiest, astir imaginative recipes. Can we please return a infinitesimal for this Glitter Lemon Drop Mocktini?!

7. Commit to random acts of kindness. During nan period dedicated to love, there’s thing amended than spreading and sharing joy. Get inspired by our favorite ways to make someone’s day.

8. Decorate pinch Peach Fuzz. It’s only nan biggest colour of nan year! Try these designer-approved ways to item nan hue successful your home.

9. Have a solo self-care night. Dim nan lights and move up nan vibey music—we’re staying in. Put connected a face mask, make a repast for one, and drawback up pinch your favourite folks connected YouTube.

10. Take nan enneagram test. Like your emotion language, discovering your enneagram tin unfastened your eyes to nan galore unsocial ways you acquisition nan world. Since learning excavation (anyone other a four?), I’ve go overmuch much sympathetic to really my sensitivity and productivity manifest themselves successful my mundane rhythms, interactions, and routines. Get to cognize yourself a small amended and take a heavy dive here.

11. Level up your weekday lunch. This cauliflower salad couldn’t beryllium easier to prep—and it packs truthful overmuch spirit into your midday meal. While you’re astatine it, get inspired to make your luncheon hr an intentional reset.

12. Binge a caller podcast. Is anyone other successful a podcast rut? These are nan juiciest, astir fulfilling, wide best podcasts for women—or anyone—to perceive to. Our editors are obsessed.

13. Pick up a acold weather-friendly hobby. There’s nary amended measurement to enactment inspired indoors and make nan astir of February’s acold temps. From doing thing pinch your hands for illustration knitting aliases ceramics to becoming a baking goddess—these cleanable cocoa cupcakes are connected my to-bake list—consult our database of wintertime hobbies for each nan inspiration you need.

14. Ask your partner these questions to build intimacy. Feel for illustration you’re having nan aforesaid speech complete and complete again pinch your S.O.? (What’s for dinner? How was your day? etc. etc.) Skip nan mini talk and get to nan bosom of your relationship pinch questions designed to deepen your relationship.

15. Volunteer astatine your section animal shelter. Donating your clip to immoderate origin is an honorable thing. But during this period afloat of fuzzy, lukewarm feelings, I’m craving a small much clip spent pinch tiny animals who cognize really to springiness and person emotion best. Connect pinch your section animal shelter to spot what support they request and what opportunities are available. Who knows, you mightiness conscionable return location a caller champion friend.

16. Change up your cleaning routine. In different words: return backmost your Sunday. We tapped an master for her thoughts connected really to romanticize your caller favourite chore.

17. Structure a Sunday reset. Sundays are my dedicated time of rest. I slumber in, publication successful furniture for longer than I’d for illustration to admit, and putter downstairs for a cup of java only erstwhile nan craving strikes. And arsenic overmuch arsenic I emotion this low-key hit to my day, I’m retired to make it nan tiniest spot much productive. Since mounting this intention, I’ve started implementing nan pursuing Sunday tasks and activities:

  • Deep cleanable nan house
  • Grocery shop/light repast prep
  • A thorough skincare routine
  • Get my inbox successful a bully place
  • Make Monday’s to-do list
  • Take a agelong locomotion pinch an inspiring podcast

A Sunday reset is nan cleanable measurement to commencement nan week emotion refreshed and re-energized. Sunday Scaries, who?

18. Dedicate yourself to learning astir Black history. (And make a scheme for continuing your education—and activism—moving forward.) February is simply a period dedicated to honoring nan greatness nan Black organization has contributed to each areas of our world. From nan arts to subject to history (and everything successful between), Black group everyplace request to beryllium remembered and lifted up. Do each that you tin to publication Black literature, perceive to Black music, support Black creators—and dedicate clip to learning their stories. And because I can’t stress it enough, this is not thing to beryllium checked disconnected your list. Continue to return successful each you tin and find ways to springiness backmost and take action.

19. Watch nan champion caller shows. With nan Hollywood strikes near down successful 2023, we’re fresh to soak up each that’s caller successful television. From nan Mr. & Mrs. Smith remake to nan high-budget Shogun to different continuation of The Walking Dead universe, February has plentifulness of good television successful store.

20. Do a tegument detox. Follow our esthetician-approved guide.

Stylish surviving room.

21. Work your measurement done each nan Oscars nominees. Make it a constituent to effort and watch each of nan nominations successful each nan categories (a feat, I know!). But nan situation is worthy it, because you’ll beryllium privy to nan champion of nan champion successful movie complete nan past year. A fewer individual recommendations: commencement pinch The Holdovers, advancement to Poor Things, and beryllium judge to make clip for Past Lives. (Because I’m judge you’ve already watched some Barbie and Oppenheimer 10 times through.)

22. Tap into your feminine energy. PSA: it’s not conscionable a trend. An master shares everything to cognize astir channeling your feminine energy and each nan ways it tin grow your world.

23. Try nan Sleepy Girl Mocktail. Experts committedness it’s nan cardinal to getting nan champion slumber of your life—and we agree. Get nan recipe, positive different snooze-inducing ideas.

24. Consider going grain-free. Camille’s heavy successful her grain-free era and has loved really she feels arsenic a result. If you’re experiencing tummy troubles, first chat pinch your aesculapian provider—but see making these delish zucchini muffins and nan granola we can’t extremity snacking on.

Writing connected iPad.

25. Build an intentional greeting routine. Camille’s nan expert, fto her enviable (but wholly doable!) morning routine animate your own.

26. Show your java table some love. From the champion java array books to tips for how to style this coveted creation piece, make this nan period you fto your java array unrecorded up to its potential.

27. *Finally* get a caller probiotic. You’ve publication up connected nan benefits of adding a probiotic to your supplement regular and really it tin beryllium a crippled changer for your gut health. Now’s nan clip to put that knowledge into action! I’ve been taking nan Hilma Daily Pre + Probiotic and americium genuinely obsessed. Honorable mentions spell to Ritual Synbiotic+ and nan always-buzzy Seed Daily Synbiotic. (Of course, beryllium judge to talk pinch your expert first to find whether a probiotic is correct for you.)

28. Upgrade your java ritual. Gone are nan days of mindlessly pounding mug aft mug of Folgers. Pair good java pinch Instagram-worthy mugs. And remember: it’s nan small things.

Woman reference book.

29. Give your abstraction a glow-up. New month, caller digs. Dedicate a time (maybe this Sunday?) to giving your abstraction nan eventual refresh. Go full-on Marie Kondo and, room by room, region everything earlier going done each of it to find what tin enactment and what tin go. Put things backmost successful a new, inspiring measurement that’ll support your power precocious each period long.

30. Try acold h2o therapy. I won’t lie: it’s achy astatine first, but afloat worthy each nan inflammation-fighting and skin-boosting benefits. Here’s everything you request to cognize earlier you start.

31. Make hand-made valentines. While I resented my parents for forcing my sisters and I to make our valentines each twelvemonth increasing up, I’ve since go grateful for their push for creativity. Now arsenic an adult, I look guardant to this clip of twelvemonth erstwhile I tin observe each nan emotion successful my life—through friends, coworkers, and family. Stock up connected supplies and trade your bosom out! I emotion these watercolor valentines and nan thought of making relationship bracelets is truthful sweet.

32. Invest successful bully tights. Gone are nan days of making my $5 hosiery ~work~. We rounded up nan best tights for keeping your leggies lukewarm ’til spring.

33. Write a emotion missive (to yourself). Be judge to see yourself successful each of nan emotion period celebrations. In your diary aliases connected a dedicated portion of paper, constitute a missive astir each nan things you emotion and cherish astir about yourself. It could beryllium nan measurement you tin beryllium immersed successful a book for respective hours earlier coming up for aerial aliases your undying emotion for cats. (I’m utilizing myself arsenic an example.) Set speech an hr to trade nan astir important valentine. Be judge to support it location typical truthful you tin look backmost connected it whenever you want.

34. Practice affirmative affirmations. Let’s support a bully point going. Try these affirmative affirmations that’ll thief you clasp your champion self.

35. Refresh your workspace. Keep up your fresh-start momentum and widen it to your desk. It’s easy for clutter to build up—both physically and digitally—in 1 of nan busiest areas of our home. Clear disconnected your table and only put backmost what’s basal to support you connected task, productive, and inspired. Who doesn’t emotion a bully minimalist artistic erstwhile they’re trying to get sh*t done?

36. Start readying your outpouring garden. If you’re starting veggies from seed, now’s nan clip to commencement them indoors. Get inspired by Camille’s greenish thumb journey.


37. Treat yourself to a caller perfume. Who doesn’t emotion a caller scent? Match your vibe to nan romance that’s filling nan air. I’m obsessed pinch By Rosie Jane’s nostalgic ‘Dulce’ scent (think: a decadent, but not-too-sweet vanilla) arsenic good arsenic Ouai’s ‘Melrose Place’—the caller floral scent is nan cleanable harbinger of spring.

38. Romanticize your life. Pretend you’re nan main characteristic successful a romanticist comedy. You task done bookstores connected snowy play afternoons and make caller bouquets to show passim your home. For much ideas connected really to elevate your mundane life, read this.

39. Practice a new-month routine. Our Wellness Editor, Edie—one of nan astir organized group I know—shares her apical 7 tips for getting aligned and starting nan period pinch an intentional and productive mindset.

40. Treat yourself to a caller candle. Splurge connected 1 of our favorite luxury candles. I’m besides loving LOHN candles—this amber and vetiver delight is nan moment.

41. Add this cocoa poundcake to your Valentine’s menu. Throughout nan month, bask cocoa erstwhile you can, wherever you can, and successful immoderate measurement you can. First up? This totally-delish, one-bowl cocoa poundcake.

42. Host an day beverage pinch friends. It doesn’t person to beryllium fancy (but you’re invited to break retired nan vintage china if you’d like). Put nan kettle on, inquire folks to bring their favourite sweets, and group retired loose-leaf teas for everyone to prime and choose. It’s nan perfect, relaxing measurement to link pinch your friends, drawback up, and gather.

43. Refine your imaginative writing. Set your imagination loose and trade wholly caller worlds of your own. To get started, these 99 prompts were designed specifically to thief you hit writer’s block.

44. Practice manifestation. Everyone’s talking astir it and those practicing it are reaping nan benefits. We said pinch an master who shares really to manifest your dream life.

Shelves of shoes.

45. Get a caput commencement connected outpouring cleaning. A closet clean-out tin beryllium a process, but it tin consciousness truthful bully to place nan apparel that nary longer service you. The champion part? It creates abstraction for pieces that support your assemblage and suit your vibe best.

46. Embrace nan mob woman aesthetic. It’s statement-making and glamorous. Find a (faux) fur coat, big earrings, and dense eyeliner—it’s nan chicest measurement to enactment warm.

47. Revive barren wintertime skin. Hydrating look masks not only time off your tegument perfectly dewy, but they’re specified a nosy measurement to indulge successful self-care.

48. Marathon your favourite rom-com movies. There’s ne'er a amended period to watercourse your favourite mid-aughts romanticist comedies. These are each of our feel-good faves.

49. Take a detox bath. Self-care and self-love astatine their finest. Read up connected our favourite tips for taking a detox bath.

50. Organize one thing. The junk drawer, medicine cabinet, aliases surviving room support you’ve been putting off? Set a timer for 30 minutes and astonishment yourself by really bully it’ll consciousness to get it done.

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