Why Tapping Into Your Feminine Energy Could Be the Secret to Leveling Up Your Life

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2023 was nan Year of nan Girl. Across fashion, societal media, and successful nan movies—yes, I’m nodding to nan highest-grossing movie of 2023 that roseate triumphant against nan pokes of definite deeply unfunny monologues—themes of girlhood shone through. Maybe it’s a somesthesia cheque connected wherever feminism finds itself, opinionated arsenic a softer opposition to nan Girlboss of yore. Or, possibly it was a corporate desire to spot nan world done Barbiecore-tinted glasses amidst a tumultuous news cycle. The reply lies successful a operation of these factors. And while I excessively leaned into nan lightness and joy, I besides wondered: is this a regression? (Spoiler, it’s more complicated than that.)

As I mulled complete these questions, different seeming societal inclination began populating my feeds. Quickly, I recovered myself falling down a “what is feminine energy” rabbit hole. Full transparency: alongside my intrigue was a patient dose of skepticism. Sure, nan ethereal goddess vibes proliferating crossed my FYP made maine want to flight to a distant compartment for a while, but stepping into your feminine power goes acold beyond nan visual. And from speaking pinch Jacq Gould connected nan subject, I’ve learned these internet-friendly portayals hardly scratch nan surface. Claiming your feminine power is truthful overmuch much than a trend.

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How to Claim Your Feminine Energy and Experience Balance successful 2024

Gould is nan creator down YOUR INNER BABE, a programme designed to thief you displacement your mindset toward self-love and reconnect pinch nan support each astir you. As I’ve grown successful my knowing of feminine energy, I knew that Gould would beryllium nan cleanable personification to thief maine deepen that connection. And if you’re wondering what feminine power is arsenic well, I dream it’s obvious: you’re precisely wherever you request to be.

It’s important to statement that feminine power isn’t thing new. The thought is rooted successful ancient belief systems, pinch examples including nan yin and yang of Chinese philosophy and nan deity Shiva and goddess Shakti of Hinduism. The divine masculine power presents arsenic logical, ambitious, and oriented toward nan extremity of accomplishing aliases completing a task. And fixed nan mostly patriarchal power coming successful our world today—and our society’s partiality for hustle complete rest—feminine traits of intuition, creativity, and relationship spell undervalued and overlooked.

But erstwhile we harness and clasp some nan masculine and nan feminine, we acquisition a greater consciousness of soul harmony and peace. Craving that alignment yourself? Ahead, Gould offers her in-depth guideline to really leaning into your feminine power tin you thief thrive.

Jacq Gould

Jacq Gould is simply a certified mentality coach, self-connection specialist, and laminitis of YOUR INNER BABE™, offering virtual group coaching programs, arsenic good arsenic successful personification workshops and 3 time retreats.

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What is feminine energy?

The divine feminine has ancient roots and nan feminine archetype has been known crossed galore civilizations for centuries. The world itself was seen arsenic nan awesome mother.

To me, feminine power refers to nan intuitive power that exists wrong each of us. The power that feels softer, much nurturing, and creative. Feminine power besides relates to that subtle contented successful our bodies. All nan treatment I judge we clasp successful our ain hearts. When I’m successful my ain feminine energy, I personally consciousness my astir empowered.

I publication thing location erstwhile that said really nan aforesaid shadiness of power that is recovered successful nan divine feminine tin besides beryllium recovered successful nan moon, nan ocean, and nan trees. Maybe it’s because I’m truthful visual, but I retrieve reference that and nan visceral emotion that swept complete me, for illustration a activity of gratitude. It conscionable felt truthful beautiful. It could beryllium because each 3 of those aspects of quality are genuinely nan astir treatment to maine personally. Whenever I request to crushed backmost into myself, spending clip by nan water, nether nan moonlight, looking up astatine nan trees, will almost instantly bring maine backmost home.

When we’re successful our feminine, we’re connected to who we innately are. Once you assistance yourself entree to your soul world, you recognize your powerfulness is infinite.

Feminine power refers to nan intuitive power that exists wrong each of us.

Many group subordinate feminine power pinch expected gender traits. How is nan conception different?

Terms for illustration divine feminine and divine masculine person thing to do pinch gender aliases activity and everything to do pinch nan duality of energies that beryllium successful everything—similarly to yin and yang. We each person some of these energies and really overmuch of 1 complete nan different depends connected you.

How does feminine power disagree from masculine energy?

Feminine power aligns much pinch emotion into our intuition, our emotions, soul wisdom, and inner-knowing. It encompasses patience and self-trust, allowing america to observe our way guardant from nan wrong retired pinch confidence.

Masculine power is rooted much successful decisive and affirmative action. Less of nan “be” power and much of nan “do.” When I deliberation of masculine energy, I deliberation of traits much on nan lines of assertive and rational. To maine it embodies focus, drive, power, and leadership, but not astatine each successful a ascendant aliases overly controlling way. In a patient and healed way. 

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5 Ways to Tap Into Your Feminine Energy

Getting successful touch pinch your feminine and weaving that power into your life, creates opportunity for you to consciousness much abundant and fulfilled. We each publication about, talk about, and are perpetually consuming things successful regards to what it intends and really to manifest. However, to genuinely get what we want, we person to beryllium surviving successful alignment pinch nan power of our desires.

By simply allowing yourself to pat into your ain innate feminine energy, you instantly displacement into radiating love, compassion, and productivity into nan universe, people attracting what you desire and deserve. 

1. Shift into sustainable self-love by auditing nan measurement you speak to yourself

Most of america move done life wholly unaware of really large that antagonistic soul sound is, and really acold that unsupportive communicative is pushing america distant from nan power successful our ain hearts. How you speak to yourself tin alteration your full world. Choose to play an progressive domiciled successful changing that communicative by utilizing affirmations to combat nan talk way that’s stopping you from tapping into your intuition and innate wisdom. Your ain feminine energy.

I’m a large believer that really we spell to furniture is really we aftermath up successful nan morning. So if we want to consciousness for illustration we are connected to our feminine, we must spell to furniture connected to it. I emotion to adjacent my eyes and say, “I AM” successful my ain mind. Whatever connection I perceive successful response, beryllium that bold, beautiful, creative, nurturing, empowered, I constitute it down successful my journal. I do this 3 times, each azygous night, non-negotiable, because that makes emotion nan emotion I person for myself non-negotiable arsenic well. 

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2. Embrace your feelings

Actually FEEL THEM! Get successful nan wont of acknowledging immoderate is coming up for you and nary longer deeming definite feelings arsenic “wrong.” Your emotions are nan gateway to your soul powerfulness and soul wisdom. When we are tapped into our feminine energy, we let ourselves to conscionable be. We spot successful ourselves and our choices, and we nary longer discarded clip outsourcing for answers aliases overthinking. We trust solely connected our soul contented to guideline america and tune successful earlier taking action. The much you consciousness your feelings, nan much connected you become.

Your emotions are nan gateway to your soul powerfulness and soul wisdom.

If you request location to start, you tin divided your time into 3 feeling-focused check-in points. Once successful nan morning, during lunch, and earlier you spell to bed. Place your hands complete your bosom and softly inquire yourself, “how americium I feeling?” Whatever feelings you receive, don’t effort to alteration aliases hole them. No judgment, conscionable notice. Write them either successful your diary aliases nan notes app successful your phone. You’ll spot really quickly they displacement and really you instantly consciousness much tapped into nan halfway of who you are. 

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3. Give yourself abstraction to conscionable be

Simply learning to beryllium and beryllium successful your ain beingness helps you link pinch your assemblage and gives your mind a chance to crushed into nan coming moment. The much comfortable we are being pinch ourselves, nan much apt we are to group boundaries erstwhile personification aliases thing doesn’t consciousness right. Saying “no” alternatively of ever saying “yes” is 1 of nan quickest ways to pat into your feminine energy. It sends a connection to yourself that you’re listening and nurturing your ain needs first. 

To genuinely cognize what you want and need, you must springiness yourself support to find nan clip and nan abstraction to get quiet capable to hear. Those 3 minutes you person to spare earlier your adjacent meeting, aliases those six minutes you unreserved done earlier you request to time off nan house—choose to capable those consciously pinch you. Choose to capable them pinch your activity and pinch your presence. This allows your tense strategy to displacement into a authorities of calm and connectedness.

You fortify your capacity to grip accent this way. You reside your soul resilience this way. You grow your expertise to consciousness safe being you this way. You pat into your feminine power instantly this way.

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4. Connect pinch your body

This is simply a large one—the 1 astir overlooked, prolonged, aliases ignored because astir of america person a difficult clip surviving and being successful our bodies. Whether that has to do pinch skewed societal norms aliases familial conditioning, you person a prime to break nan barriers you person astir sensuality. I committedness you, it’s worthy it.

There are galore ways to link pinch your body. Breathwork, dancing, yoga, self-massage, aliases moreover conscionable doing things that evoke your senses, for illustration smelling incense aliases candles, eating basking aliases acold foods, listening to music, aliases caller air. Anything that allows you to reconnect pinch your assemblage and its soul contented creates opportunities to announcement nan subtle energies and emotions wrong us. This besides creates a instauration for self-trust. Lean into nan self-trust by making promises to yourself and keeping them.

Start mini pinch thing like, “I committedness to return 3 heavy breaths pinch my hands connected my bosom instantly aft my eyes unfastened successful nan morning.” Follow done pinch it for a week, past adhd connected different committedness that is rooted successful deepening your relationship to your body.

You’ll beryllium amazed astatine really overmuch a beardown instauration of self-trust and assemblage connectedness tin bring retired your soul feminine. 

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5. Express your creativity

Whether it’s done writing, painting, singing, aliases moreover individual style, our soul landscape, thoughts, dreams, and feelings each travel done our imaginative practices. The feminine is innately creative, but if you struggle pinch emotion that spark of creativity, you tin commencement pinch a three-minute, feeling-focused encephalon dump successful nan morning.

Put your hands connected your bosom and breathe. While you’re breathing, inquire yourself, “how americium I feeling?” Whatever it is, constitute it astatine nan apical of nan page and put nan pen to paper. Write pinch a watercourse of consciousness. There is nary correct aliases incorrect point to say.

Journaling is what allowed maine to initially pat into my feminine energy. It created a abstraction for maine to feel, express, and research myself successful ways I didn’t moreover cognize I needed. It allowed maine to spot that my full world was wrong of me, woven done my perspectives and embedded successful my heart.

To beryllium capable to find nan bid I was craving (the bid that being tapped into your feminine allows), I person to beryllium astatine bid pinch myself first. And to genuinely bask life (the measurement surviving successful your feminine allows you to), I person to first bask who I am. Once I allowed myself to judge this, I gave myself nan top gift—my divine feminine power.

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